503 課堂筆記 2011-04-29

Write/put it down
Imagination (n)想像力
Imaginary (a) 虛構的 story
Imaginative (a)富想像力的
Float (v)漂浮
See 感官+VR/V-ing
起始 orientation (n)新生訓練/
Gay people have different sexual orientation.
Political orientation政治傾向
Orientalism 東方主義
Edward Said
Classic (a)經典的 example
=typical 典型的

Classically (adv)
Despite=In spite of +N/Ving
連綴動詞 仍然是
Precision(n)精準 precisely(adv)
Tear tore torn (v)撕
Tear (n)眼淚
Shed crocodile’s tears
流淚/血(v) 貓哭耗子假慈悲
Eg.As we turned right, a beautiful sea unfolded before us.
The piercing wind 刺骨寒風
The piercing look 銳利的眼神
Body piercing
Refrigerator (n)冰箱
Chilly (a)寒冷的
It grows chilly when winter comes.
chilly 冷漠的 chilly response
Indifferent 冷漠的反應
chill (a)寒冷的+N
chill December 寒冷12 月
high heel shoes
Achilles’ heels 弱點
immensely (adv)巨大地
immensity (n) 巨大
massive (a)大量的
huge (a)大的
those who 凡是
people who
he /they/one who
suffer from +痛苦/疾病
mental (a)心理的
mortal (a)會死的
immortal (a) 不朽的
normal (a) 正常的
still (adv)仍然
still waters run deep. 靜水深流
That was played
On tightening gun control
Be about to=be going to



On the one hand, s+V
On the other hand, S+V

On the contrary, 相反地
See A as B
Refer to A as B 視A為B
Think of A as B
Look upon A as B
Regard A as B
View A as B
Consider A (to be) B
In a sense, what he says is right.
What he says is right in a sense.
Beauty queen選美皇后
Beauty contest 選美比賽
Beauty mark 美人痣
Eg.Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder(看到的人).
Eg.Beauty is only skin(皮膚) deep(深的). 美是膚淺的
Beautify (v)使美
Vividly (adv)清晰地

Self image 個人/自我形象
Poetry (n)詩(集合名詞U)
Poem [C] 詩
Poet (n)詩人
Presentation (n)呈現
A piece of advice [U] 建議
A suggestion [C]
S suggest that sb (should) VR
Advise 建議
Order 命令
Demand 要求
Request 要求
Ask 要求
Work on sth執行某事
I am still working on it!我還在吃
Decrease (v)減少
** 我建議搭捷運通勤
Eg.I suggest commuting by MRT.
Heart attack 心臟病
Juvenile (n)青少年 就煩惱
Adolescent (n)青少年
Relationship 關係 (跟人有關)
Relatively 相對地
Sense (n)感覺/感官
Common sense 常識
Did you sense (v感覺)it?
Sensible (a)合理的 decision
Sensation (n)知覺
Sensitive (a)敏感的
Sense and Sensitivity理性與感性
Vibrate (v)震動
Cannot help +Ving
Cannot help But +VR
Have no choice but to VR
At the sight of sth 一看到….


407 2011-04-20 課堂筆記

Arctic (a)北極的
Arctic circle 北極圈
Antarctic (a)南極的
Antarctica 南極洲
Polar bear
Limitation 能力限制
Time limit 時限
Speed limit 速限
The sky is the limit for you.
You have a promising future.
Air supply
Medical supplies醫藥補給

Electricity 電
Electronics 電子學
Electronic books 電子書
Fly flew flown
Pass away 過世
Die (v) death (n) 死 dead死的
1. sense of direction方向感
2. Mary runs out of the room in the direction of the restroom.
Be likely to有可能
Remain (連綴v),後面加形容詞or名詞
Soar翱翔 soy bean 黃豆 I have a sore (a)痛的 throat.
Remains (n) (pl.)遺蹟
Remaining (a)剩下的
There are only five minutes left.
Leftover (n) 剩餘的食物
Count on=depend on=rely on依賴
Trade貿易 wealth財富
** conserve natural resources
維護/持 天然資源
Human resource 人力資源
Resource books參考書
Reference books 參考書
Paradise 天堂
Theme park 主題樂園
Theme song 主題曲
Merry Christmas 快樂的=gay愉悅的
Ferris wheel
The sunshine vaporizes the water.
陽光 使蒸發
Vaporization 蒸發的過程
Class 407 has nice atmosphere
Desert (n)沙漠
Dessert 甜點
Metric 公尺的
Human beings =mankind=humans人類
What=the thing that=all that
若沒有…., S+V
Without N, S+V
Without your help, I would not succeed.(v)成功
If it were not for your help, I ….
If S were/v-ed, S w/c/s/m VR

If it had not been for your help,
I would have ….. had+pp
If S had+pp, S w/c/s/m have+pp.


503 2011-04-19

21. conjured up a victory 22.all eyes were on 23.My point is that these new products will make or break our company. Museum (when)being So as to VR So that S+V 這樣就可以… Carry sth out Realize sth 實現sth Put sth into practice.. Release the pressure 紓解壓力 To my relief, 讓我鬆了一口氣的是,.. The architect had never been so excited by a ….. Mary is excited about A t the news. by 瑪莉對這消息感到興奮 The news is exciting to Mary. 消息讓瑪莉感到興奮我寧願出去也不要呆在家 1.I would go out rather than stay home. 2. I would rather go out than stay home. , and it continually grows wider Until直到 Parking lot Under the tree stands a girl. A girl stands under the tree. Light lit lit Light lighted lighted , and it was lit/lighted Escalator 手扶梯 Elevate 提升(v) Elevator 升降梯 Alligator 短吻厄 Crocodile 鱷魚 Without stairs 關係副詞 where/when/how/why+S+V 完整子句關係名詞 Who/which+不完整子句 They begin to walk down the ramp from the top. Where=from which 關係副詞=介係詞+關代 This is the house where I lived before. =in which I lived in the house before. Hang hung hung (v)懸掛 Hang hanged hanged (v)吊死 Which are hung I can do it. I myself can do it. Mary herself can eat the apple. Therefore,(adv因此) =Accordingly,=Consequently,=Hence,=Thus,(只有thus可放句中) Line 18 Certain+複數名詞 A certain =some +單數名詞某一 I am pleased with it.我很滿意 Who is known for 以…為名 His love for 對…很愛 Seem Appear to be 似乎 Sb intend for sb/sth to VR 打算讓 sb/sth做某事 You look like jolin. You resemble Jolin. Be situated on Be located on Devote (v)奉獻 Dedicate (v) Devote oneself to sth Mary devotes herself to the world. Ich 我 We can infer in the article….推論 Think of A as B Look upon A as B Refer to A as B Regard A as B View A as B See A as B Consider A (to be) B 打破窠臼break the mold模式 It is ….that…. 1. 就是喬治愛上瑪莉 Eg.It is George that falls in love with Mary. 2. 就是馬力愛我 Eg.It is Mary that loves me. Highly-=completely=totally極度地 I can fly high.(adv)高地


1. switch 2. subtle 3. massage 4. possibility 5. techniques 6. strategy 7. laundry 8. objective 9. ethical 10. Sponsors 11. estimated 12. invisible 13. deceptive 14. advertisement 15. exaggeration 16. is familiar with 17. in favor of 18. at least 19. resulted in +不可數名詞 A huge amount (of money) Along with=with 伴隨 Raise your hand Raise pets Raise money 籌錢 Raise questions 提出問題 Companies which are sponsoring that are sponsoring which/that sponsor Besides TV In addition to TV Highly=totally (adv) 極度地/非常地 I can fly high (adv) 很高地 That feature (v)以…為特色 Actress who are dressed in Sb be dressed in 衣服某人盛裝打扮 Who drive Who drink The brand name that/which is obviously displayed. 明顯地被展示 I am attracted to you.我被你吸引了 I am attracted by you. (to which=where) the films take you. Eg.I take you to the park. I take you to the school. The films take you to the scenes. That are provided抹 In fact=Actually=事實上-里榙剖抹 When 隨著 =when Be/become/get 變得 Some people=some 不僅會有倫理問題,而且有合法問題在這種行銷策略中. Eg.馬利不僅會跳舞,而且會唱歌 Mary can sing as well as dancing. Eg.海倫不僅吃了蛋糕,也吃了盒子. Helen eats the box as well as the cake. When/As we live the world (that is )filled with Full of messages Sb had better VR 某人最好做某事 Be alert to Be sensible to 敏銳的 2. The fact that nearly half of female teenagers in the U.S. are on a diet.


1. subtle 2. exaggeration 3. unconsciously 4. skip 5. objective 6. scholars 7. shifting 8. laundry 9. estimates 10. switched 11. powder 12. vision 13. illegal 14. deceived 15. sponsorship /sponsored 46.We all/All of us accept the theory that appearances can be deceptive sometimes. 47.But/However, we are still likely to form a positive/good impression of good-looking people/ the good-looking subconsciously/unconsciously / without consciousness. 48.Under the influence of (the) advertisements, we become/get familiar with certain/some products. *a certain=some+單數名詞 (某一) 49.There is/There can be a great possibility (that) we will/may reject/refuse other brands/ brand-names in favor of these products. Be full of=be filled with (a) Fill filled filled Fulfill (v) fulfilled / fulfilled Had been hiding To have been hiding Mary is reported to have eaten the box. 瑪俐被報導已吃完了這個盒子 I am wondering if you could do me a favor. Being concerned about I am concerned about you. 我關心妳 To be concerned about ….. Be aware of Be conscious of Be alert to N/v-ing 察覺… 呼籲徵募/招兵買馬 S aim to VR The volleyball game aims to make students healthy and strong.Mild



水金地火木土天海(冥) My very educated mother just served us nine pizzas. Mercury Venus Earth Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune Pluto Don’t judge a book by its cover. 不要以貌取人 Take /run the cover for me 掩護我 Astro—太空 Astrology 占星學astronomy天文學 Goose鵝 單數 1. the trail period 試用期 2. monthly periods 好朋有 3. periodical (n)期刊 4. (a)定時的/期刊的 5. periodically (adv)定期地 6. a period of time一段時間 freezer (n)冷凍庫 refrigerator (n) 冰箱 fridge (n)冰箱 take up 佔用 occupy Is it seat taken?這位子有人座嗎? It’s occupied! 1.Mary stared at me in amazement. (advphr) 驚訝地 2. I am amazed. 1.Science (n) 科學 2.scientific(a)科學的 3.realize my ambition(n)/dream 實現 抱負 4.realize my potential.(n) 潛能 Realization (n)實現/領悟 Cool down/ calm down冷靜下來 Final count down倒數 Stay cool Eg.Mary is as cool as a cucumber. 小黃瓜 非常冷靜 Eg.It’s a drop in the ocean. 九牛一毛 Ocean levels Sea levels 海平面 Cicada 蟬 silkworm蠶 Garage車庫 gorge 峽谷 Garbage 垃圾 George喬治 Go ahead! 去吧! Recycled paper再生紙 Recyclable可回收的 The plastic surgery.整形手術 Surgeon 外科醫師 surgery外科手術 Found founded founded建立 Find found found發現 1. foundation stone基石 2. kidney腎湖群 Southern南邊的 Northern北邊的 Rise rose risen上升 Arise arose arisen發生/產生 Arouse aroused aroused Arouse curiosity喚起好奇心 Raised raised raised Raise hands Raise pets Raise money Raise question Raisin (n)葡萄乾 Quantity量 quality質 Melting pot Melt away融化


503 課堂筆記 2011-04-12

Approach (v)靠近 (n)方法 Alert sb to N/v-ing 警告某人某事 Outbreak (n)爆發 Influenza=flu流感局 Issue (v)發布 (n)議題 Bomb炸彈 Philosophy哲學 Philosopher哲學家 , etc.= , and so on.= , and so forth. Penetration (n)穿透 Produce (v) 產生 Production (n) 產生 Property (n) 財產 Backward 往後 --ward (表方向) Ward (n)病房 Chain restaurant 連鎖餐廳 Tv news anchor新聞主播 Human beings are inherently good. Bad. I am concerned about/with you 擔心 On second thought, I think you’d better do it. 重新思考後 Bring about=lead to=result in=cause 導致 The flood resulted from the heavy rain. 洪水起因於大雨 At the very least 至少(表強調) The songs is familiar to me. 這首歌對我來說很熟悉 Sth be familiar to sb.某物對某人熟悉 What=the thing that=all that Tend to VR 傾向作某事 Every message (that we receive) O S V “that” 當受詞時可省略 Slogan 標語 Half a + N 一半的N Pass (v) passed passed 通過 Past (prep.) I just go past by. 我只是路過 Cross / crossed/ crossed 跨越 Across (prep.) I go across the street.過馬路 Are not conscious of Are not aware of 沒有察覺 Are not alert to it A certain=some=某一 +單數名詞 Be likely to 有可能 Although it is more subtle (a)細微的 It is no exaggeration to say that S+V Have brands which/that are placed in them. Advertisements =ads No wonder + S+V 難怪…. Pay money to sth/sb 景/幕持續不斷的 ever-growing , and it is Which 關係詞=連接詞+代名詞 Billion 十億 Million 百萬


407 2011-04-11

1.To and fro 去去回回=back and forth= Backward and forward 來來回回 2.Up and down上上下下 3.Left and right左左右右 4.Here and there 到處 =everywhere 5.on and off 斷斷續續 They contact with each other on and off.斷斷續續跟彼此聯絡 6.ins and outs 細節 7.do’s and don’ts No farting 癱坐在椅子上 Droppings 鳥糞 , and he panted. Pants底褲/內褲 Trousers 長褲 Keep my words Indirect object間接受詞IO Direct object 直接受詞DO Princess jar 缸 Spit the phlegm Knight 騎士 no3 Lick舔 By accident=accidentally意外地 Overcome克服(v) fear(n) red high heels紅色高跟鞋 Achilles heels 弱點 Greek mythology希臘神話 Mary’s mouth is wide open. Mother tongue 母語 Hang hung hung 懸掛 Hang hanged hanged 吊死 I am going to have a snapshot 快照 Snap your fingers彈手指 Mary survived the earthquake. 從地震中存活從海效忠純活 Mary survived the tsunami. Die died died (v) dying瀕臨死亡的 Dead (a)死亡的 Dye dyed dyed (v)染色 Dyeing You have to face the music! 面對現實勇敢面對 Hold their breath 屏息 To my astonishment, Mary failed. 令我驚訝的是,瑪莉失敗了



Object (v)反對 I hope you won’t object to my suggestions. Being Subjective (a)主觀的 Subject (n) 主詞/主題 Object (n)受詞/物體事務affair Scandal 醜聞 One…the other 單數只有兩組 One..another…the other One..another…another..the other Some….the others 複數只有兩組 Some..others…the others I work on the night shift once a week. Possible impossible Possibly (adv)可能地=probably (adv) It is possible for sb to VR It is possible that S+V ….是可能的 Toilet 馬桶 toilet paper 捲筒紙 Tissue 面紙 napkin 餐巾紙 Restroom 洗手間 Go to the little boy’s room Girl’s room Go farting 排氣 1.Contain (v)包含 2.Maintain (v) 維持 Mary maintains her figure(n身材/數字) for 50 years. 3.Retain (v)保留 The wall retains it’s color for a year. 4.sustain (v)支持 支撐 Water and air sustain our life. Scholarship獎學金 Prominence (n)顯著(地位/影響力) Eg.Mary first came to prominence as an actress in this movie.瑪莉在電影女主角中嶄露頭角 Incorporate A into B 整合A跟B Merci 卸卸 1.We need to learn to cooperate with others.合作 2.corporation (n)財團法人/組織 The wolf deceived the pig into opening the door. Self-deception 自欺 I’d like to make a reservation. 預定 Conserve the natural resources Merci 詮釋 1. 字典 2. 你最愛的筆記本 3. 檔案夾 4. 閱讀本 1.The legal age法定年齡 2.to take legal action 採取法律途徑 ** legitimate 法定的 Clone (v)複製 Cloning (a) (n)複製(的) 領養 (v) Adapt (v) 適應/改編 Strategic (a)策略的 Portion 部分 bull shit oooooops Be alert to Be aware of Be conscious of 察覺…(某事) Beware of the fierce dog. (v)注意+危險事物 Inhabitant (n) 居民 Resident (n) Civil