happy Halloween


Old Abram Brown is Dead and Gone

Old Abram Brown is dead and gone,
You’ll never see him more;
He used to wear a long brown coat,
That buttoned down before.

The Tapiola Children's Choir: Old Abram Brown (Britten) - DG, 1977, Erkki Pohjola

Cara Old Abraham

ps. Old MacDonald had a farm



503 2010/10/27 上課筆記

2.Who do you guess will be the leader of the basketball team next year?
3.Whom do you consider our son will call when he needs some help?
4.Which school do you think( he will go to?) 間接問句主詞動詞不倒裝
5.What do you think Santa will bring me this year?
Compete (v)
1. which one do you think was your biggest rival (n)對手
have a hard time v-ing 做某事有困難
have a difficulty v-ing
have problems v-ing
beat 打敗(v)
In addition to N/ving 除了..之外,還有
2. What else (還有哪個) do you consider was the biggest challenge this time?
Strike stroke stricken (v)擊
Sunstroke (n)中暑
3. What do you believe helped you
stick to the end? 堅持
4. Who do you guess will show up at the party?
5. What do you think she will say the moment she sees you?
that 當關係詞的用法
1. 先行詞前面有序數 (the first, the second )
Mary is the first one that came to school yesterday.
2. 先行詞前面有最高級形容詞
Jay is the best singer that I have ever seen. 前所未見 oh!no! 每個安妮
3. 先行詞前面有all, no, every, any
The only, the very, the same,
只有一個 就是這個 相同
All students that answer the question
right can get the candy.
4. 以Who, which, what 為首的問句
Which one is the book that you are
looking for?
5. 先行詞是much, none, few, little,
nothing, something, everything, anything等代名詞時
There is nothing that I can do.
1. that 前面不會有動詞 , that
2. that 前面不會有介係詞 to that
3. that 不能代替關係詞所有格
1. Who is the man that Dad is talking to? 預習
2. He is the only student that previews the lesson before class.
3. The cheetah is the fastest animal that walks on all fours in the chart.
4. I want the same bike that Tina got last year.
5. he is the last person that I want to see again.最不想見
6. He seems/appears (似乎) to be the very one that we are looking for.
Mary narrates her adventure in England.
Narration (n) 旁白/敘述
Narrator (n) 敘述者
The first-person narrative
Set (v) 放置/太陽西下
The sun rises in the East, and sets in the West. 東昇西落
A stage set 舞台場景
No cross, no crown.
No pains, no gains.一分耕耘一分收穫
Guinea pig豚鼠è白老鼠
You are (not) supposed to open the door.
Endlessly 無窮止盡地
Ruby red 深紅色