2013--04-25 607

Sarcasm (n) 諷刺
Scorn (v)輕蔑
You have no right to scorn the orphan.
Rebel(v) 反叛
Rebellion 反叛/造反
 (v)策劃 scheme
The criminals are scheming to get more money from the bank.
Intelligence 智力
Intelligence quotient 智商
Emotion quotient 情緒商數
Wisdom (n)智慧
Frankly speaking, S+V
老實說, 坦白說
To be frank with you, S+V
A is in contrast to B
A is opposed to B
, as she is opposed to Alicia
, as being opposed
, as opposed to …
, as being in contrast to Alicia
(Being) opposed to Alicia, who never shares anything, Helen…
(Being) in contrast to Alicia, who never…, Helen…
Surgeon 外科醫師
Physician 內科醫師
Physicist  物理學家
Malicious lie 惡意的謊言
Teenager 青少年
Teenage 青少年期
Adolescence 青春期
Adolescent 青少年
Delinquent (n)青少年犯罪者
Fortune (n)財富
A sum of fortune一筆財富
I bear no malice toward you.
Lose lost lost /
Loose (a)鬆垮的
George is engaged to Mary.
Pronounce (v)發音
Break off the engagement
解除        婚約
Newlyweds 新婚的人
Newlywed (a)新婚的
Disappear (v)消失
Greek mythology神話
Gymnasium =gym體育館
Eagerly (adv)渴望地
Eligibility 資格
Bachelor degree 大學學位
Elevator 電梯
Escalator 手扶梯
Alligator in Florida
Antagonist 對手/敵手
Fancy (a)精緻的絢麗的
Who is noted for
        Renowned for
        Famous for
Insight (n) 洞察力
Portray (v)描繪
Ardent curiosity
Lower-class (a)
Working class工人階級