602/607 L6,7,8,9,10 句型本解答

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602/607  L6,7,8,9,10 句型本解答 

(第二次月考範圍:L8,9, voc7000U21--25,

Lesson 6   Wake up Your Life
Your Turn
句型1   1. A              2. D                 3. C           4. C         5. A
句型2   1. turned, into                                       2. turned into
             3. Can you tell us how you turn these ingredients into a tasty dish?
句型3   1. A              2. C                  3. B
句型4   1. let up        2. let up on      3. Mimi’s plan for the race is to run as fast as she can and not let up until she reaches the finish line.
句型5   1. B              2. A                  3. C
句型6   1. D              2. B                  3. C
句型7   1. by touching                                       2. by claiming
             3. The boy earned a few bucks by doing odd jobs for his neighbors.
句型8   1. C              2. B                  3. A
句型9   1. B              2. D                 3. C
句型10 1. go after     2. are going after
             3. The dog has been going after the cat for hours.
1. In fact, it was because of his smell that his girlfriend left him.
2. So hot is the weather that Nelson has to keep the air-conditioner on all day long.
3. but to save energy during summer is just impossible for him.
4. He can’t do anything without having the air-conditioner on.
5. what he cares about most is if he smells or not.
I. 選擇題
1. C       2. D      3. A       4. D      5. A       6. B       7. B       8. A       9. D    10. B
II. 填充題
1. Such, that                   2. has turned into           3. What she wants, is
4. go after                      5. it was, who                 6. let up on
7. To bail him out is        8. never, without telling   9. How elegantly          10. by waiting
III. 翻譯、句子合併與改寫
1. The magician has turned the flowers into a dove.
2. She will never let up on her research no matter what happens.
3. To get to know yourself better is the first step for you to take.
4. They became friends by taking a trip together.
5. The bus is gone. Are you sure you want to go after it?
6. What Lydia cares about is what the bad guys will do to her children.
7. Such was the king’s cruelty that he had a lot of people beheaded because they disobeyed his orders.
8. It was yesterday that my uncle went to Japan on a business trip.
9. to get his attention without standing up
10. How beautiful your garden looks/is.

Lesson 7   Mysteries of the Past
Your Turn
句型1   1. C              2. A                  3. A
句型2   1. dated back to                   2. traced back to
             3. The building dates back to the Victorian Period.
句型3   1. C              2. A                  3. B
句型4   1. B              2. D                 3. D
句型5   1. D              2. B                  3. A           4. B         5. C
句型6   1. A              2. B                  3. C
句型7   1. What’s more                     2. What’s more
             3. I feel cold. Can you turn on the heater? What’s more, can you get me a blanket?
句型8   1. C              2. A                  3. C
句型9   1. D              2. C                  3. B
句型10 1. For one thing                    2. For one thing
             3. For one thing, she still keeps his photos. For another, she text-messages him sometimes.
1. I have no idea why he sent it to me.
2. For one thing, I’ve never been an antique lover.
3. It must have been left there by Uncle Herbert.
4. it couldn’t have been made recently.
5. They might have had something to do with a song that Uncle Herbert had taught me.
I. 選擇題
1. A       2. B       3. D      4. A       5. C       6. B       7. D       8. C       9. A    10. B
II. 填充題
1. For one thing              2. could have been killed             3. smart enough
4. that                            5. What’s more                            6. must have been stabbed
7. remains a household name                   8. might have grown
9. What’s, who you are                             10. dates back to
III. 翻譯、句子合併與改寫
1. He must be the man that I saw the other day.
2. There just aren’t enough resources for everyone in the world.
3. Whether that theory was correct or not remains to be seen.
4. I like my new job. What’s more, the pay is good.
5. He will definitely help me. For one thing, I helped him before.
6. Did the weather report say when the typhoon would strike Japan?
7. That some models have died from anorexia has aroused a lot of media attention.
8. Sandra has never gone to a foreign country, so she couldn’t have been to France.
9. These pictures may/might have been taken in Brazil, but I’m not sure.
10. Most of the buildings along this street can be traced back to before World War I.

Lesson 8   I Have a Dream
Your Turn
句型1   1. C              2. B            3. D                   4. A
句型2   1. died, had given           2. screamed       3. had been looking
             4. “What were you doing at three o’clock this morning?”
句型3   1. B              2. C            3. A
句型4   1. as well as                    2. as well as eating
             3. got a new job as well as getting divorced             4. C    5. A
句型5   1. B              2. C            3. C
句型6   1. D              2. B            3. C
句型7   1. makes you                                           2. make, profitable
             3. I’m going to redecorate her room and make it my study
句型8   1. In spite of                   2. despite
             3. despite the fact that his parents wished him to go to medical school
句型9   1. not what, but how       2. not from, but from
             3. is not a doctor but a nurse
句型10 1. A              2. B           3. D
1. Our young men and women are fighting and dying in a distant region,
2. instead of the people of their country.
3. What they want is not war, but jobs and prosperity,
4. In spite of that, the government still refuses to listen.
5. now is the time to change things!
I. 選擇題
1. D      2. D      3. B       4. D      5. B       6. A       7. C       8. C       9. A    10. B
II. 填充題
1. used to be                  2. for whom                    3. instead
4. made, angry               5. not, but                      6. despite the fact
7. has been                    8. judge, by                    9. It’s time, to do          10. as well
III. 翻譯、句子合併與改寫
1. Put down your pens. Now is the time to hand in your test papers.
2. Whales and dolphins are not fish but mammals.
3. Judging by/from the way she dresses herself, she can’t be over thirty.
4. Mr. Chou was made chairman of the committee.
5. I’ve finished my homework. Can I go out now?
6. has got the flu as well as his parents
7. The company for which Ron works manufactures kitchen utensils.
8. By 2000, the world’s population had reached 6 billion.
9. Instead of answering her father’s question, the little girl shook her head.
10. In spite of the long distance to the airport, Dad insisted on giving me a ride.

Lesson 9   Pride and Prejudice
Your Turn
句型1   1. C              2. B            3. A              4. D           5. C
句型2   1. B              2. D           3. A
句型3   1. get, warm 2. got, repaired               3. got his hair cut before his job interview
句型4   1. While/Whereas           2. on the other hand
             3. while/whereas stress may damage our health
句型5   1. C              2. A            3. D
句型6   1. and that    2. and that 3. and that she’s the mother of two children
句型7   1. the very thing             2. the very moment        3. the very person for this job
句型8   1. D             2. A            3. B
句型9   1. A              2. C            3. D
句型10 1. B              2. A            3. C
1. he did not find girls easy to meet in his hometown.
2. His mother suggested that he move to London.
3. He also liked exploring the city itself.
4. he saw the most beautiful girl ever.
5. his heart beating faster and faster.
I. 選擇題
1. B       2. A       3. D      4. B       5. D      6. C       7. D       8. B       9. A    10. C
II. 填充題
1. on the other hand       2. only, ever                   3. and that
4. his legs crossed          5. itself is                       6. very end
7. insists, pay                 8. found, shaking            9. Standing        10. get, muddy
III. 翻譯、句子合併與改寫
1. The owner of the restaurant himself used to be a chef.
2. While Tommy is the tallest in the class, he can’t play basketball very well.
3. Aunt Lisa suggested that we stay for dinner.
4. June 21st is the very day I met your father all those years ago.
5. He thinks that the Czech Republic is the most beautiful country he’s ever been to.
6. The china dish shattered on the ground, pieces flying in all directions.
7. Research indicates that the world is getting warmer and warmer and that the polar ice caps are melting.
8. As I was getting out of bed, I found my kitten sleeping in my slipper.
9. Do you know where I can get my watch fixed?
10. Rubbing her eyes, Sophie couldn’t believe what she had seen.

Lesson 10   Yellowstone Wolves Make a Comeback
Your Turn
句型1   1. C              2. B            3. A
句型2   1. another fifty, are         2. another twenty
             3. but I may need them for another few days
句型3   1. C              2. A            3. D
句型4   1. B              2. D           3. C
句型5   1. D              2. B            3. A
句型6   1. rather than                                2. rather than
             3. permed rather than cut              4. C            5. D
句型7   1. except for 2. except for      3. except that the kitchen is a little too small
句型8   1. D              2. B            3. B
句型9   1. C              2. A            3. D
句型10 1. so that      2. in order that
             3. so (that)/in order that you won’t get sunburned
1. which made me wonder whether you are getting enough sleep.
2. you’ve been studying rather than resting.
3. I wish the exams were over and I had more free time.
4. if I didn’t have another four assignments to finish.
5. so (that)/in order that I can remember the good times.
I. 選擇題
1. C       2. B       3. D      4. C       5. A       6. C       7. C       8. A       9. A    10. B
II. 填充題
1. so that                       2. wished, had                3. ever since
4. except for                   5. which                         6. were, would be
7. another five hundred   8. those who                  9. rather than learning
10. children growing
III. 翻譯、句子合併與改寫
1. Take off your shoes so that you don’t get the carpet dirty.
2. Those who come to school after eight o’clock are considered to be late.
3. When I want to kill time, I prefer to take a walk rather than watch TV.
4. Bob borrowed ten thousand dollars from me, and I haven’t seen him (ever) since then.
5. Two years later, my dog gave birth to another four puppies.
6. Now Adam’s parents wish that they hadn’t spoiled him.
7. Courses marked with an asterisk are required subjects.
8. If Mathew hadn’t taken the pottery class, he wouldn’t have met Polly there and married her.
9. Except (for) a yogurt and a couple of crackers, she ate nothing the whole night.
10. Andrew used to major in dance in college, which surprised his coworkers.