Book3 L2 句型本解答

Book3 L2 句型本解答

Children of Heaven


1.       was breathing down his neck
2.       John keeps his relationship with Mary a secret.
3.       We are determined to finish
4.       collided with a truck
5.       jumped to her feet
6.       we came in first
7.       I won’t let you down
8.       is filled with water


1.      (a)      not until the bell rang, we finished class
    (b) It was not until Nancy’s boyfriend apologized to her that she forgave him.
2.      (a)      Karen had gone to, would have enjoyed herself
    (b) If I had arrived home in time yesterday, I could have watched my favorite program.
3.      (a)      than we had expected
    (b) The old lady lost the watch that she had bought a week earlier.
4.      (a)      played the violin so well
    (b) My younger sister is so shy that she doesn’t dare to make a speech.
5.      (a)      Loving his girlfriend with all his heart
    (b) watching her favorite TV program
    (c) Walking along the street, we ran into an old friend of ours.
6.      (a)      found his dictionary missing
    (b) The students found the test very difficult.
7.      (a)      with tears on her face
    (b) The singer was standing in front of his girlfriend(,) with a box of chocolate in his hands.


1. D          2. A         3. B        4. B         5. C
6. B           7. D         8. A        9. B      10. D
11. C      12. A       13. B      14. A      15. C
16. is, so, difficult, that
17. angry, disappointed, had, done
18. is, filled, with
19. collided, with
20. The superstar never lets her fans down.
21. If the accident had not happened, Ken’s dancing career would not have ended when he was thirty.
22. It was not until Becky told me the truth that I realized I had misunderstood her.
23. he always lets her down
24. If you had practiced harder, you could have come in first

25. he was so unhappy with her response that he didn’t talk to her for a whole week