Object (v)反對 I hope you won’t object to my suggestions. Being Subjective (a)主觀的 Subject (n) 主詞/主題 Object (n)受詞/物體事務affair Scandal 醜聞 One…the other 單數只有兩組 One..another…the other One..another…another..the other Some….the others 複數只有兩組 Some..others…the others I work on the night shift once a week. Possible impossible Possibly (adv)可能地=probably (adv) It is possible for sb to VR It is possible that S+V ….是可能的 Toilet 馬桶 toilet paper 捲筒紙 Tissue 面紙 napkin 餐巾紙 Restroom 洗手間 Go to the little boy’s room Girl’s room Go farting 排氣 1.Contain (v)包含 2.Maintain (v) 維持 Mary maintains her figure(n身材/數字) for 50 years. 3.Retain (v)保留 The wall retains it’s color for a year. 4.sustain (v)支持 支撐 Water and air sustain our life. Scholarship獎學金 Prominence (n)顯著(地位/影響力) Eg.Mary first came to prominence as an actress in this movie.瑪莉在電影女主角中嶄露頭角 Incorporate A into B 整合A跟B Merci 卸卸 1.We need to learn to cooperate with others.合作 2.corporation (n)財團法人/組織 The wolf deceived the pig into opening the door. Self-deception 自欺 I’d like to make a reservation. 預定 Conserve the natural resources Merci 詮釋 1. 字典 2. 你最愛的筆記本 3. 檔案夾 4. 閱讀本 1.The legal age法定年齡 2.to take legal action 採取法律途徑 ** legitimate 法定的 Clone (v)複製 Cloning (a) (n)複製(的) 領養 (v) Adapt (v) 適應/改編 Strategic (a)策略的 Portion 部分 bull shit oooooops Be alert to Be aware of Be conscious of 察覺…(某事) Beware of the fierce dog. (v)注意+危險事物 Inhabitant (n) 居民 Resident (n) Civil

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