B6 All in One L6--L10

1. A            2. D            3. C           4. B
1.  prove                                   2.  refute
3.  threatens                             4.  intimidated
5.  menaced                             6.  subconscious
7.  submarine                          8.  submerged
9.  mild                                     10. severe
Part 1隨堂測驗
1.  factor                                  2.  institution
3.  Protective                           4.  submerged
5.  quantity                              6.  underneath
7.  proved                                 8.  roughly
9.  incredible                            10. disrupted
1.  consequences                    2.  functional
3.  devastated                         4.  occurrences
5.  subside
1.  make, clear, against
2.  how, in, turn
3.  hit, has, spread
4.  double-edged, sword, other, responsibility
1.  But for the toy factory, the people in the town couldn’t have jobs.
2.  If it were not for comic books, I would/might feel lonely.
3.  If it had not been for my mentor’s advice, I would/might have given up my plan to go abroad.
1.  It is (high/about) time (that) you had a haircut.
2.  It is (high/about) time (that) we bought a new one.
3.  It is (high/about) time (that) he went to elementary school.
1.  but in knowing oneself
2.  Kent used to drive to work (before)
3.  so he is no stranger to classroom management
4.  (As) Compared to American football, badminton is a relatively safe sport.
5.  The article was intended to draw attention to the situation in Southeast Asia.
1. D           2. B            3. A            4. C             5. C
6. B           7. A            8. D           9. B           10. C
Comprehension Check
1. C           2. D            3. B           4. B
Essay Questions
1.  In my view, higher temperatures will make equatorial deserts dryer and larger, and millions of Saharan Africans may die from droughts and famines.  Also, the warming Arctic and Antarctica will further melt sea ice and glaciers, which is likely to dangerously raise sea level.  Besides, higher temperatures will cause the tropics to expand.  Meanwhile, tropical mosquitoes will have more areas in which to breed and spread the deadly diseases they carry, such as malaria.  And the once vast Arctic ice sheets are predicted to disappear altogether during the summer.
2.  As far as I know, there are at least six environmental problems, including ozone layer degradation, deforestation, species extinction, water degradation, global poisoning, and human and cultural degradation.  All these problems are actually interconnected and only we can do something about it, because we are the ones who create it in the first place.
Part 2:瞄準大考
1. C   句譯:「因為夏天時柳橙樹受到暴風雨嚴重的傷害,農夫預期今年冬天的收穫量會嚴重下滑。」(A)有潛力的;(B)相關的;(C)嚴重的;(D)互相的。
2. B   句譯:「我不確定你究竟會得到多少獎學金,但大致上可支付你主要的花費。」(A)最近;(B)大致上;(C)坦白說;(D)各式各樣地。
3. C   句譯:「中國的父母通常都非常保護孩子。他們想確定孩子隨時都是安全的且有受到良好的照顧。」(A)有耐心的;(B)奇怪的;(C)保護的;(D)有說服力的。
4. B   (A)令人害怕的;(B)有威脅性的;(C)吸引人的;(D) promote推銷。
難字解析 bottled water 瓶裝水;process 處理;substance 物質
5. A   句譯:「也就是說,當他在聖詩本上用小紙條做了標記後,小紙條總是會掉落到地面上。」
6. B   (A)丟向;(B)突然想到(不以人為主詞);(C)瞧不起;(D)想出(以人為主詞)。
7. B   本文全用過去式,故此處應選用過去式。
難字解析 irritation 惱人的事情;invariably 總是
Part 3:寫作練習
1.  He is collecting empty bottles, boxes, and other used things.
2.  He takes pity on him.
3.  He is going to the recycling center.
4.  He follows the old man.
5.  He is (actually) a rich man and has a large factory.
6.  He feels rather surprised.

One day, on his way back home, Ted noticed an old man pushing a cart to collect old clothes, empty bottles, boxes, and other used things.  Out of pity, he stopped to help the man.  The man thanked him.  Then the man sorted what he had collected into groups and took them to the recycling center.  Out of curiosity, Ted followed the man to the place he lived.  To his surprise, it turned out that the man was quite rich and owned a large factory.  He told Ted he didn’t need to recycle things for money, and that he did so simply out of concern for the environment.  He hoped people would make the best use of every resource and not throw away the things that are still in good condition.  On hearing this, Ted told himself to follow the man’s example.

1. A            2. C            3. D           4. B
1.  consistent                           2.  contradictory
3.  reality                                  4.  illusion
5.  altitude                                6.  latitude
7.  attitude                               8.  flying/piloting
9.  ride                                       10. steered/rowed
Part 1隨堂測驗
1.  altitude                                2.  professor
3.  film                                      4.  conducting
5.  noticeable                           6.  stationary
7.  consistent                           8.  correlation
9.  wary                                    10. allocated

1.  collision                               2.  instruction
3.  simulate                              4.  participation
5.  comprehension
1.  begs, the, question
2.  tricked, into, by
3.  based, on, than
4.  distinguish/tell, from, owing/due
1.  What’s far more fantastic is that it has human-centered design inside.
2.  What’s even more important is that I now understand how to get along well with others.
3.  What’s far more surprising is that many of them have disappeared without a trace.
1.  must have sensed
2.  could have built
3.  should have planned
1.  but (they are) different in essence
2.  Even if/though you are not tall
3.  Had you not taken me in and treated me with hospitality
4.  I thought no one, including my friends and family, remembered my birthday was coming up.
5.  On my birthday, I finally found out who the boys were.
1. B           2. D            3. A            4. C             5. C
6. B           7. A            8. D           9. B           10. C
Comprehension Check
1. C           2. C            3. A            4. A

Essay Questions
1.  In my view, there are some ways to boost our self-confidence.  For example, we can try to accept and love ourselves, set realistic goals, learn to be positive, never shy away from new friends, break bad habits and make our life interesting.
2.  I won’t take criticism personally, but take it as a suggestion to improve myself.  In addition, I will try to be nice to others.  In return, they will be nice to me and criticize me less.
Part 2:瞄準大考
1. B   句譯:「恐怕我們無法採信你的話,因為我們目前所蒐集到的證據與你所說的不。」(A)熟悉的;(B)符合的;(C)耐用的;(D)有同情心的。
2. C   be accompanied by意思為「伴隨著」。
3. D   句譯:「他也會用鼓來指揮其他音樂家。」
難字解析 puppet 玩偶;orchestra 管絃樂團;pay attention to 注意;plot 劇情;character 角色
4. C   (A)惱人的;(B)干涉;(C)令人驚訝的;(D)吸引人的。
5. D   根據文意,無名英雄的工作往往「未受人注意」,故選unnoticed
6. A   make a difference為慣用語,意思為「造成不同」。
7. In recent years, many films produced in Taiwan have been internationally recognized.
Part 3:寫作練習
1.  He pays little attention to the teacher in class.
2.  He is sleeping/day-dreaming.
3.  They are going to a coffee shop.
4.  They look happy.
5.  His (homeroom) teacher.
6.  He wants him to pay attention/be attentive in class.
Andy used to pay little attention to the teacher, and daydream in class.  After school, he often haunted coffee shops with his friends.  He never took his life seriously until one day his (homeroom) teacher came to him for a talk.  The teacher cited himself as an example to warn Andy.  He told Andy that he used to fool around and even went astray.  Though he finally got back onto the right track, he had paid a high price.  So he didn’t want Andy to follow in his footsteps, but to be attentive to his studies and correct his mistakes before they got worse.  After that, Andy decided to work harder and not let his parents and teacher down.

1. C           2. A            3. B           4. D
1.  join                                      2.  split
3.  earn                                     4.  attain
5.  get/gain/obtain                  6.  blended
7.  separate                              8.  splendid
9.  sublime                               10. gorgeous
Part 1隨堂測驗
1.  leather                                 2.  collaboration
3.  interior                                 4.  fountain
5.  lavish                                   6.  successive
7.  metropolises                       8.  blend
9.  homelands                         10. legendary
1.  channel                               2.  compromise
3.  virtual                                  4.  politics
5.  gains
1.  bear, witness, glorious
2.  spared, no, expense
3.  once, take, over
4.  used, to, progress
5.  How, come, concert
1.  Had he studied hard enough, he could have passed the exam.
2.  Were I in your position, I would do it that way.
3.  Had the firefighters not come in time, the house might have burned down.
1.  to do is another
2.  One was a novel, and the other was a comic book
3.  others enjoy reading books at home
1.  I would fly high in the sky
2.  so you should/should you be kind to your enemies
3.  lies in showing them politeness, respect, and consideration
4.  I seldom had the chance to travel with my family because of my busy/tight schedule.
5.  Then we could/can take pictures and enjoy the wonderful views side by side.
1. B           2. C            3. A            4. D             5. C
6. A            7. C            8. B           9. D           10. C
Comprehension Check
1. A            2. C            3. D           4. B
Essay Questions
1. I live in Taipei in the north of Taiwan.  As the largest city in Taiwan, it is also the center of the country’s politics, economy, and culture.  It has many conveniences like public transportation, department stores, museums, and other recreational facilities.  Besides, it is an orderly city and has good hygienic conditions.  People there always seem to be in a hurry, but they are friendly and hospitable.  As for the climate, it is somewhat hot and humid most of the year, and cool and damp in the winter.
2.  It must be Geneva, Switzerland, for this city boasts a lot of features.  Besides its good location and climate, it is known for its clean and safe environment, education, health care, and public transportation.  That’s why Geneva has been listed as one of the world’s most livable cities in recent years.
Part 2:瞄準大考
1. B   此處with的意思為「有」。
2. D   句譯:「無論你走到哪裡,到處都有羅馬式、巴洛克式、洛可可式風格的建築物,這些在幾百年前很受歡迎。」
3. A   (A)逃離、避免;(B)特色是;(C)防衛;(D)鼓舞。
4. B   句譯:「共產政府的鐵幕仍在時,很少有外國人探訪布拉格。」

5. C   句譯:「然而,從1990年代開始,一切都改變了。」
難字解析 Czech Republic 捷克共和國;architecture 建築;medieval 中古的
6. I     句譯:「在這個愈來愈強調視覺化的世界中,唯一被人們接受的小說類型就是圖本小說。gain ground意思為「被人們接受」。
7. J   句譯:「全世界愈來愈多成人與年輕人正在閱讀圖本小說,教育者開始了解到這種媒體的力量。
難字解析 graphic 繪畫的、圖解的
Part 3:寫作練習
I have been interested in traveling to strange places since I was a child.  I have traveled a lot with my family or alone, and visited many beautiful cities.  Among them, the city which impressed me most is Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic.  Situated on both banks of the winding River Vltava, Prague is like one big open-air museum.
Featuring some six hundred years of architecture nearly untouched by natural disasters or wars, the city retains much of its medieval appearance.  Wherever I went, I could see buildings in Romanic, Baroque, and Rococo styles that were popular hundreds of years ago.  All of them escaped the destruction of postwar redevelopment, and so they have remained unchanged.  Because of its tranquil beauty and elegance, Prague is now one of the most popular tourist attractions in Europe.  If possible, I would like to visit it again in the future.

1. B           2. C            3. A            4. D
1.  advantageous                    2.  profitable
3.  beneficial                            4.  virtuous
5.  vicious                                 6.  different
7.  identical                              8.  insecticide
9.  genocide                             10. suicide
Part 1隨堂測驗
1.  identical                              2.  questionable
3.  weapons                             4.  mutual
5.  revelations                          6.  vicious
7.  deteriorating                       8.  suicide
9.  alarmed                              10. conscience
1.  brutal                                   2.  constrained
3.  beneficial                            4.  executed
5.  desperate
1.  breathed/gave, sigh, relief
2.  nowhere, be, found
3.  paid, visit, to
4.  make, out, owe
1.  No one can deny the fact that the Earth is round.
2.  Those students are familiar with the idea that all matter consists of atoms.
3.  Their experiments were based on the belief that they could make gold from other metals.
1.  with its leash fastened to the chair
2.  with tears rolling down her cheeks
3.  With so much fog around us
1.  For fear of breaking the fragile vase
2.  I haven’t heard from him for ages/years
3.  if you didn’t point out her mistakes in public
4.  As time went on/by, they began to get along/on well with each other.
5.  He died of a strange disease that left the doctors quite confused.
1. D           2. A            3. B           4. C             5. B
6. C           7. A            8. D           9. C           10. B
Comprehension Check
1. C           2. D            3. B           4. B
Essay Questions
1.  As a lover of detective novels, I like Sherlock Holmes most.  Created by Scottish author and physician Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Holmes is by far the most famous fictional detective.  His name has become part of the English language, and his stories still appeal to readers today even though the social background of London has changed completely.  I like Holmes mainly because of his versatility, his shrewd logical reasoning, his ability to adopt almost any disguise, and his use of forensic science skills to solve difficult cases.
2.  Indeed, I have read a lot of short stories so far.  I would like to recommend two of them to my classmates.  One is Rip Van Winkle by Washington Riving.  It tells of a villager who tries to escape his wife’s nagging, meets some strange men in the mountains and wakes up twenty years later to find that the world has totally changed.  Through this fictional story, the author wants to convey the message that “New generations come along that bring change, but old values, traditions, and family lines remain alive and are still thriving.”  The other story is The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway.  It describes how an aging Cuban fisherman struggles with a giant marlin far out in the Gulf Stream as he tries to prove himself.  Due to the story, I have become more self-confident.  Now I know that I must keep trying, because nothing is impossible for one who has a strong and willing heart. 
Part 2:瞄準大考
1. B   句譯:「聽到她弟弟在車禍中沒有受傷後,海倫鬆了一口氣。」(A)猶豫;(B)寬慰;(C)悲傷;(D)勝利。
片語相關:本題考let out a sigh of relief,為本課片語。
2. D   句譯:「IQ是「心智年齡」除以生理年齡的商數乘以100,以100平均。」;being the average是分詞片語修飾100
句型相關:本題with的用法與本課Patterns in Action II相關。
3. G   句譯:「最後一個造成珊瑚礁消失的原因是人類。」;冠詞the之後應接名詞,故選(G)
4. H   句譯:「此外,因為珊瑚礁鮮豔美麗,有些人甚至將珊瑚礁折斷當成紀念品來收藏。」;介系詞之後通常接名詞,故選(H)
Part 3:寫作練習
1.  He is going to a movie theater.
2.  It is about a scientist and a monster.
3.  They are lining up to buy/for tickets.
4.  He is trying to cut in front of a man/line.
5.  They are/get angry at Tommy due to his (mis)behavior.
6.  He feels very embarrassed.
Last Friday, Tommy went to a movie theater to see a science fiction film.  It was about a mad scientist who created a monster and then rejected it, so that finally the monster killed his younger brother, his best friend, and his young bride.  When he arrived at the theater, he found a long line of people waiting to buy tickets.  He was impatient and didn’t want to wait long.  Then, he noticed a man in line reading a newspaper.  Thinking the man wouldn’t notice, he decided to secretly cut in front of him.  However, a few women in the line witnessed what Tommy was doing and went to argue with him.  Feeling embarrassed, Tommy apologized to them and swore never to do the same thing again.  In the end, he didn’t see the movie but went straight home instead.

1. C           2. A            3. B           4. D
1.  fortune/luck                       2.  Fate
3.  destiny                                4.  external
5.  internal                                6.  diagnoses
7.  crises                                    8.  analyses
9.  microscope                         10. Microchips

Part 1隨堂測驗
1.  secondary                           2.  excerpt
3.  intuition                              4.  microscope
5.  external                               6.  tumor
7.  inner                                    8.  cancer
9.  commencement                10. opinions
1.  diagnosis                             2.  destiny
3.  mirrors                                 4.  quotation
5.  surgeon
1.  so, lived, through               2.  fell, away, soon
3.  made, impression, on       4.  make, way, for
1.  However wonderful you say the movie is, I don’t feel like seeing it.
2.  Whatever they may tell you, you should stick to your dreams.
3.  Wherever you live, we can still keep in touch if you want to.
1.  he were her (own) child
2.  they had had nothing to do with it
3.  they had won it
1.  but it turned out to be a life-long career
2.  I can’t believe it has been raining for five days in a row
3.  Roy begged his parents not to start clearing out
4.  Most importantly, they are programmed; that is, they cannot work by themselves without our instructions.
5.  In fact, we shouldn’t depend too much on them, or we’ll be controlled by them sooner or later.
1. D           2. C            3. B           4. A             5. D
6. B           7. A            8. C           9. B           10. C

Comprehension Check
1. C           2. C            3. C           4. A
Essay Questions
1.  Death is inevitable to us, but I’m not afraid of it.  The very thought of death only reminds me how temporary my life is and that I shouldn’t waste time on ridiculous and senseless things, especially on bad things.  That’s why it’s useful to remember death is just a part of life.  Meanwhile, I feel it’s much easier to bear your own death than someone else’s.  Death is omnipresent, as those who are dear to us continue to disappear from the Earth.  The memories of those we loved and lost are heavy baggage, in my experience, but they make us richer.
2.  I have been dreaming of becoming a scientist since I was young.  In the future, I’d like to study how humans could live underwater and eventually develop an entire underwater city.  This is because many places on Earth are already too crowded.  To realize my dream, I’ve decided to study harder and seek help if necessary.  Then I’d choose a major related to my interests and acquire specialized knowledge from experts.  At last, I’d spend my time researching how people could live underwater for long periods of time.
Part 2:瞄準大考
1. C   句譯:「海倫的醫生建議她接受心臟手術。但她決定向另一位醫生尋求第二意見。」(A)目的、意圖;(B)論述、聲明;(C)意見、見解;(D)理由、藉口。

2. B   句譯:「雞蛋的品質大致上可以肉眼判斷。從外觀來說,好的雞蛋必須要是乾淨的、沒有裂縫、有平滑的蛋殼。」(A)農業上;(B)外觀上;(C)有影響地;(D)偶爾。
3. B   選文中提到母豬常將找到的松露吃掉:The use of pigs is risky, though, because of their natural tendency to eat any remotely edible thing.  For this reason, dogs have been trained...
難字解析 with the aid of 憑藉著……;truffle 松露;odor 氣味;tendency 傾向;edible 可食用的
文法相關:選文中出現wherever,與本課Patterns in Action I相關。
Part 3:寫作練習
In my view, Facebook is an invention that has a profound influence on our lives.  Today it has become one of the most popular social networking websites in the world.  Its founder, Mark Zuckerberg, established Facebook while studying at Harvard University.  At first, the website’s membership was limited to Harvard students, but soon expanded to other colleges.  Due to its widespread popularity, it later expanded further to include any university students, then high school students, and finally, to anyone aged thirteen and over.

At first, the purpose of Facebook was to help people look for old friends.  Today, however, Facebook users can add friends, send messages, and update their personal profiles to notify friends about themselves.  Currently, Facebook has more than 400 million members worldwide.  With its success, Mark Zuckerberg has transformed from an ordinary college student into a celebrity and billionaire.