the best team 403

If you ask me if I felt disappointed about the result of the English Song Competition upon hearing the announcement on Friday afternoon (5/25), frankly speaking, I will say yes. After thinking about it for days, I'd like to say sorry to 403 babies that I thought it would be a simple English Song competition instead of the one during which students had to perform dramatically but not really focus on singing the song and pronoucing the lyrics precisely. I should have asked the senior students about how it went those past years of this school instead of regarding it as the same one as I had been through in other three senior high schools, interscholastic competition, and so forth.

Yet, dear babies, I'd like to let you know that 403, as for me, is still the best team in this English Song Competition. We had our own pianist and flutists accompanied our singing though it was really a pity that you were arranged hiding so well behind the pillars that no one noticed your existence. We have harmony while singing the two songs, and no other classes did that throughout the competition. God knows that how much time we spent practicing pronouning every word, and also the harmony. We costumed ourselves neatly and tidily as dynamic young men according to the spirit of the two songs that we performed. I know that some said our costume is plain compared to others who were in showy dress. I want to say that not every performace is needed to be shown with showy dress but performing it with proper one according to the songs is the point. It was kind of a pity that everyone was so nervous that we forgot to smile in the beginning since we were the first team to perform. It was kind of a pity that the microphones were not ready for the first team. It was kind of a pity that the music were played too loud by the inexperienced off-stage workers in the beginning of the competition.

Waking up this morning, I found that I didn't care about those technical trivial things any more. The images that I kept in my mind are the amazing change of your attitude that everyone cared about this comptition, the process that everyone practiced the songs so hard, and the time when you sang on the stage. I realized and learned something within this experience. And I'm sure you did, too. Cheers and Love! :)