Supporter (n)支持者
Supportive (a)給予支持的
Sibling (n) 手足/兄弟姐妹
Average (a)平均的
1.above the average平均之上
2.below the average 平均之下
3.On average平均而言, students are 165 cm tall.
1.If you want to get an official position公職, you have to study hard.
2.an official document(文件)公文
Being=As 身為
1.a newcomer to politics政壇新人
2.~~ to the stock market股市新人
3.~~to my family家庭新成員
1. The doctor performed an operation for the patient.
*plastic surgery 外科手術
塑膠 整形手術
2. perform the experiment做實驗
authority (n)當局
It is in the hope that the authorities concerned 有關當局could put emphasis on 強調this problem or enforce 執行the law so that the situation would be improved改善.
Greeting 問候語
Voice mail box 語音信箱
Hi! This is Huai-En. I am not in right now. /I cannot come to the phone right now.
Pls leave me a message, and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.
The doctor gave me a prescription for seasickness.暈船藥方
Forè of/ from
Imagine that S+V