To be honest, I've been frustrated this week, and have been thinking that if there's something I should notice, and something I should learn to guide students to do what they are "supposed" to do. Well, maybe what I think students are "supposed" to do is not what they think they should do. Well, sounds like a tongue twister. The thing, I mean, is that I've spent that much time during the nap time everyday even without finishing my lunch. Also, I've spent pretty much time listening to the harmony of the songs that are chosen to be sung.

Throughout this week, I've been exhausted everyday preparing for the courses, the songs, and something trivials. Some days I felt like I was going to faint in class or I might fall asleep while driving because of staying up too late! However, apparently, students seem to put pretty much focus on other activities on campus instead of this interscholastic one. I can totally understand how excited a high school student is when there are opportunities for classmates to experience the same thing altogether since I had been one of them at my teen age. But I just don't understand why students cannot have the same attitude toward these various activities; at least, I tried hard to do that when I was a high school student.

In my opinion, I think that is the attitude of responsibility. One needs to take the responsibility for what he or she decides to do. Furthermore, it is something relates to reputation of the school, I mean, it's something significant. Well, maybe I should not worry that much since I'm only the judge but not the participants. Maybe I should consider it something essential learning process for students. That's the way they learn things. (But just I feel that I have the responsibilities to guide them to do it appropriately. But I don't know how to do that.)

There's only two days left, and I don't know how far we can go. I'll still try my best to remind students of the importance, and it will definitely be my assignment to learn to handle things like this for the coming weeks in case there's something happening like this next time.