2011-12-01 603

76.Keep in mind that when you encounter difficulty/difficulties
When you are faced with difficulty/difficulties, it is important to look on the bright side of life.
76-1) Keep in mind that it is important to look on the bright side of life when you are faced with difficulty/difficulties.
77.Many readers are attracted to/by
are drawn in
the novel because of the/its engaging/captivating/appealing plot.
eg. The department store draws in tons of consumers.
78.It is obvious/apparent/ evident that [the loss/losing of someone/people (that) we love] is [hard/difficult to accept/take/bear/unbearable忍受].
79.Only when you have properly/precisely grasped the tone of the author can you claim that you have had a thorough understanding of the article.
80.Such(n) is the greatness of parents’ love that they always give/devote themselves selflessly.
80-1)Such is parents’ great love that they give selflessly.
that they don’t ask for things returned.
81.Therefore, it is not so much for us to thank them.
81-1)Therefore, we cannot be too thankful to them.
81-2) it is not so much for us to be thankful to them.
82.Listening to music is a hobby that you can enjoy all your life.
you can enjoy for life.
Habit 習慣 rabbit 兔子
83.If we only live for ourselves, we will not really feel happy.
I don’t really feel happy.
I don’t feel happy really.
Indeed, being on time is significant.
Being on time is indeed significant.
A friend in need is a friend indeed.
Behave (v)行為舉止
Chaotically (adv) 混亂地
Electricity 電
Electric 電的
Electronics 電子學
Electronic (a) books 電子書
Consist of (v)
(Class 603) consists of 35 students.
Consist in=lie in 在於
A noble character consists in what one does in private rather than in public.
Economic depression
In spite of N
Despite N
Doughnut=donut 甜甜圈
Which is full of stones
Complex (n)複雜物/情結
Oedipus complex 戀母情結
Electra complex 戀父情結
(a) a complex situation複雜的
Due to=because of=Owing to由於
=On account of
Because he is unable toè
Being unable toè
Unable to
Conqueror (征服者)
Conquerable 可戰勝的
Aboriginal (a) 原住民的
Aborigine (n) 原住民