503 2011-04-19

21. conjured up a victory 22.all eyes were on 23.My point is that these new products will make or break our company. Museum (when)being So as to VR So that S+V 這樣就可以… Carry sth out Realize sth 實現sth Put sth into practice.. Release the pressure 紓解壓力 To my relief, 讓我鬆了一口氣的是,.. The architect had never been so excited by a ….. Mary is excited about A t the news. by 瑪莉對這消息感到興奮 The news is exciting to Mary. 消息讓瑪莉感到興奮我寧願出去也不要呆在家 1.I would go out rather than stay home. 2. I would rather go out than stay home. , and it continually grows wider Until直到 Parking lot Under the tree stands a girl. A girl stands under the tree. Light lit lit Light lighted lighted , and it was lit/lighted Escalator 手扶梯 Elevate 提升(v) Elevator 升降梯 Alligator 短吻厄 Crocodile 鱷魚 Without stairs 關係副詞 where/when/how/why+S+V 完整子句關係名詞 Who/which+不完整子句 They begin to walk down the ramp from the top. Where=from which 關係副詞=介係詞+關代 This is the house where I lived before. =in which I lived in the house before. Hang hung hung (v)懸掛 Hang hanged hanged (v)吊死 Which are hung I can do it. I myself can do it. Mary herself can eat the apple. Therefore,(adv因此) =Accordingly,=Consequently,=Hence,=Thus,(只有thus可放句中) Line 18 Certain+複數名詞 A certain =some +單數名詞某一 I am pleased with it.我很滿意 Who is known for 以…為名 His love for 對…很愛 Seem Appear to be 似乎 Sb intend for sb/sth to VR 打算讓 sb/sth做某事 You look like jolin. You resemble Jolin. Be situated on Be located on Devote (v)奉獻 Dedicate (v) Devote oneself to sth Mary devotes herself to the world. Ich 我 We can infer in the article….推論 Think of A as B Look upon A as B Refer to A as B Regard A as B View A as B See A as B Consider A (to be) B 打破窠臼break the mold模式 It is ….that…. 1. 就是喬治愛上瑪莉 Eg.It is George that falls in love with Mary. 2. 就是馬力愛我 Eg.It is Mary that loves me. Highly-=completely=totally極度地 I can fly high.(adv)高地

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