"WindsNocturne" Selective One for 403

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Well, personally, I love this song very much, as well. The song is called WindsNocturne. / The flash version.

It is from a Japanese Video Game named "Lunar: Silver Star Story." I learned to sing this song about 4 years ago.

403 babies might want to listen to it.

Wishing on a dream that seems far off 許一個似乎很遙遠的夢想
Hoping it will come today 希望它今天能成真
Into the starlit night 星光閃爍的夜晚
Foolish dreamers turn their gaze 傻傻的夢想家轉動他們的視線
Waiting on a shooting star 等待著一顆流星
But What if that star is not to come? 但如果星星不會降臨呢
Will their dreams fade to nothing? 他們的夢想會消逝殆盡嗎
When the horizon darkens most 當地平線變暗
We all need to believe there is hope 我們要相信的是會有希望
Is an angel watching closely over me? 是否有天使密切地守護著我
Can there be a guiding light I've yet to see? 是否有我還沒看見的一束光在指引我I know my heart should guide me but 我知道我的心應該會引導我
There's a hole within my soul 但是靈魂深處有處空缺
What will fill this emptiness inside of me? 什麼能填補我深處的空虛
Am I to be satisfied without knowing? 我該為一無所知感到滿足嗎
I wish then for a chance to see 希望有機會讓我明白
Now all I need(desperately) 我現在需要的(拚命需要的)
Is my star to come 就是我的星星會降臨