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Entertainment industry 演藝圈
Mudslide (n)土石流
The people who ride …
Mary always amuses classmates with jokes.
Your words are amusing.好笑的
Birds of a feather flock together.
Non-identical twins異卵雙胞胎
You can never teach old dogs new tricks.老狗不能學新把戲
Halloween : Treats or tricks!
CIH Christmas International House
100*35=3500 2 weeks!
Barbecue (v)烤肉
Orientation (n)新生訓練
the Tropic of Cancer 巨蟹座 北迴歸線
the Tropic of Capricorn 天蠍座
Equator 赤道
Subtropical 副/亞熱帶的
Subway 地鐵
Migrate (v)遷移
Migration (n)遷移
Immigrate (v)移民 (移入)
Immigrant (n)移民者
Immigration (n)移民
Emigrate (v)移出
Emigrant (n)移出者
Emigration (n)移出
Jingle (n)叮噹聲
The law of the jungle 叢林法則
Cape cod
岬 鱈魚
Leave me alone. 離我遠一點
Aborigine (n)原住民
Tribal (a) 部落的
Blog 部落格
Religion 宗教

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Artificial intelligence AI
情報/智商 IQ
Intelligence Quotient
In accordance with=根據
On the basis of N 依據
Based on 依據
Resource (n)資源
Invader (n)入侵者
Invasive (a)侵略的/侵入性的
Invasive person uses invasive words.挑釁的字眼
Invasion (n)湧入/侵略
Be about to=be going to
Mental 心智的
Mixed (a)混雜的
Mary is a girl of mixed race.
It is easy for us to mix the twins up. 我們很容易把雙胞胎搞混
Mixer 攪拌器/混音器
南西方的 southwestern
Mary sits in the southwestern place of mine.
Occasionally =sometimes
Once in a while
Come into=come across
Run into =run across
Bump into =encounter巧遇
Commercial 商業廣告/電視廣告
Vary varied varied改變=
Alter 改變=differ (v)
Alternative (n)另一個選擇
While he hiked
You should always be cautious
1. retain
2. detain
3. maintain
4. sustain
5. abandon
6. assemble
7. phenomenon
8. lean
9. manufacture
10. constitute
11. prominent
12. precise
13. detective
14. imply
15. sympathy
16. absorb
17. resistance
18. loan(v)
19. accuse
20. consultant
21. flee
22. plot
23. crack
24. regulate(v)
25. witness(v)
26. virtue
27. permanent
28. annoy
29. horizon
30. testimony
31. dignity
32. conscience
33. cease
34. enforce
35. allowance
36. inspire
37. rhyme(n/v)
38. forbid
39. delicate
40. rhythm