502 2011-09-26

One ….the other
One ..another…the other
One …another…another..the other
Some…the others
Some..others…the others
Still others
Some… others… others…. Still others
The others.
Another cup of bubble tea 珍奶
Boba tea 波霸奶茶
Disappear (v)消失
Appearance (n)出現
Disappearance (n)消失
Abnormal (a)不正常的
Moral 有道德的 morality (n)道德
Mortal 會死的
Immortal 不朽的
Moron 白ㄔ
In addition to N 除了..之外還有
Except N 排除在外
Except Mary, everyone is crying.
Your plant is still alive.
No comment不予置評
You’re humorous 你很幽默
You’re funny 你很好笑(滑稽)
Have difficulty
A harm time ving
Start to breathe
Cause=lead to=bring about導致
=result in
CO2 =carbon dioxide

Hydrogen (n)氫氣
Most of the people
A lot of=tons of
Take medicine 吃藥
Hobby =pastime 興趣 嗜好
Habitat (n) 棲息地
Inhabit居住(v)=live=reside (v)
Inhabitant=resident=habitant 居民
You’re awake
Green tea 綠茶 black tea紅茶
Is significant to
Is crucial to
Humans=mankind=human beings人類
Oh! Man!

2% * 253=全校前五è台政清交成
10%* 253=前25名è國立大學
2. better
3.more carefully
Pp143 過去習慣
2.I sleep less than I used to
3.she has to work harder than before
4.she focuses on surfing the Net more than on her studies.
5.she will work less efficiently
She eats more than usual.
Are you used to the life of the senior year?
Have you been used to the life…
Be used to
Become accustomed to N/ving
Get 現在習慣於N/ving
Cheers! 顽張
In order to VR
In attempt to VR
With a view to getting
With an eye to ving
Surf the Internet

603 課堂筆記 2011-09-26

Complex (a)複雜的
Operator (n)接線生
Operation (n)手術
Perform an operation動手術
Undergo an operation接受手術
Electricity 電
Electric (a)電的
Electronic (a)電子的 book

Apply A to B 把A運用於B
Eg. We apply skills of time management to studies.
To control=
In order to control (VR)=
In an attempt to VR=
With a view to ving=
With an eye to ving 為了…..
4 score and 9 years =89years
Senior moment老年失憶(症)
Generation 世代 30
Since (1) 因為 (2)自從
I-Pad has been popular since 2000.
At three-minute intervals 每隔三分鐘
Mary stands up at three-minute intervals.
So that=in order that S+V這樣就可以
My family provides me with breakfast everyday.
Provide sb with sth 提供某人某物
Provide sth for sb

1. highly
2. eliminate
3. diplomas
4. hospitable
5. diminish
6. ointment
7. sanitation
8. resort
9. acid
10. adapt to
11. controversial
12. plantation
13. beverage
14. oppose
15. vividly
16. invariably
17. execution
18. superstition
19. mechanical
20. border
21. orbit
22. particle
I am superior to Mary
Superiority 優勢
Ornament 裝飾品