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21. conjured up a victory 22.all eyes were on 23.My point is that these new products will make or break our company. Museum (when)being So as to VR So that S+V 這樣就可以… Carry sth out Realize sth 實現sth Put sth into practice.. Release the pressure 紓解壓力 To my relief, 讓我鬆了一口氣的是,.. The architect had never been so excited by a ….. Mary is excited about A t the news. by 瑪莉對這消息感到興奮 The news is exciting to Mary. 消息讓瑪莉感到興奮我寧願出去也不要呆在家 1.I would go out rather than stay home. 2. I would rather go out than stay home. , and it continually grows wider Until直到 Parking lot Under the tree stands a girl. A girl stands under the tree. Light lit lit Light lighted lighted , and it was lit/lighted Escalator 手扶梯 Elevate 提升(v) Elevator 升降梯 Alligator 短吻厄 Crocodile 鱷魚 Without stairs 關係副詞 where/when/how/why+S+V 完整子句關係名詞 Who/which+不完整子句 They begin to walk down the ramp from the top. Where=from which 關係副詞=介係詞+關代 This is the house where I lived before. =in which I lived in the house before. Hang hung hung (v)懸掛 Hang hanged hanged (v)吊死 Which are hung I can do it. I myself can do it. Mary herself can eat the apple. Therefore,(adv因此) =Accordingly,=Consequently,=Hence,=Thus,(只有thus可放句中) Line 18 Certain+複數名詞 A certain =some +單數名詞某一 I am pleased with it.我很滿意 Who is known for 以…為名 His love for 對…很愛 Seem Appear to be 似乎 Sb intend for sb/sth to VR 打算讓 sb/sth做某事 You look like jolin. You resemble Jolin. Be situated on Be located on Devote (v)奉獻 Dedicate (v) Devote oneself to sth Mary devotes herself to the world. Ich 我 We can infer in the article….推論 Think of A as B Look upon A as B Refer to A as B Regard A as B View A as B See A as B Consider A (to be) B 打破窠臼break the mold模式 It is ….that…. 1. 就是喬治愛上瑪莉 Eg.It is George that falls in love with Mary. 2. 就是馬力愛我 Eg.It is Mary that loves me. Highly-=completely=totally極度地 I can fly high.(adv)高地


1. switch 2. subtle 3. massage 4. possibility 5. techniques 6. strategy 7. laundry 8. objective 9. ethical 10. Sponsors 11. estimated 12. invisible 13. deceptive 14. advertisement 15. exaggeration 16. is familiar with 17. in favor of 18. at least 19. resulted in +不可數名詞 A huge amount (of money) Along with=with 伴隨 Raise your hand Raise pets Raise money 籌錢 Raise questions 提出問題 Companies which are sponsoring that are sponsoring which/that sponsor Besides TV In addition to TV Highly=totally (adv) 極度地/非常地 I can fly high (adv) 很高地 That feature (v)以…為特色 Actress who are dressed in Sb be dressed in 衣服某人盛裝打扮 Who drive Who drink The brand name that/which is obviously displayed. 明顯地被展示 I am attracted to you.我被你吸引了 I am attracted by you. (to which=where) the films take you. Eg.I take you to the park. I take you to the school. The films take you to the scenes. That are provided抹 In fact=Actually=事實上-里榙剖抹 When 隨著 =when Be/become/get 變得 Some people=some 不僅會有倫理問題,而且有合法問題在這種行銷策略中. Eg.馬利不僅會跳舞,而且會唱歌 Mary can sing as well as dancing. Eg.海倫不僅吃了蛋糕,也吃了盒子. Helen eats the box as well as the cake. When/As we live the world (that is )filled with Full of messages Sb had better VR 某人最好做某事 Be alert to Be sensible to 敏銳的 2. The fact that nearly half of female teenagers in the U.S. are on a diet.


1. subtle 2. exaggeration 3. unconsciously 4. skip 5. objective 6. scholars 7. shifting 8. laundry 9. estimates 10. switched 11. powder 12. vision 13. illegal 14. deceived 15. sponsorship /sponsored 46.We all/All of us accept the theory that appearances can be deceptive sometimes. 47.But/However, we are still likely to form a positive/good impression of good-looking people/ the good-looking subconsciously/unconsciously / without consciousness. 48.Under the influence of (the) advertisements, we become/get familiar with certain/some products. *a certain=some+單數名詞 (某一) 49.There is/There can be a great possibility (that) we will/may reject/refuse other brands/ brand-names in favor of these products. Be full of=be filled with (a) Fill filled filled Fulfill (v) fulfilled / fulfilled Had been hiding To have been hiding Mary is reported to have eaten the box. 瑪俐被報導已吃完了這個盒子 I am wondering if you could do me a favor. Being concerned about I am concerned about you. 我關心妳 To be concerned about ….. Be aware of Be conscious of Be alert to N/v-ing 察覺… 呼籲徵募/招兵買馬 S aim to VR The volleyball game aims to make students healthy and strong.Mild