2012-04-18 507

1.               rhino
2.               species
3.               routine
4.               convince
5.               dissuade
6.               toxic
7.               release
8.               harmonious
9.               acceptance
10.           hesitate
11.           fragrance
12.           authority
13.           regret
14.           intelligent
15.           predict
16.           swing
Swung swung
17.           negotiate
18.           infection
19.           abandon
20.           duckling
21.           adapt
22.           modify
23.           engage
24.           herd
25.           continent
26.           magnetic
27.           phenomena
28.           habitat
29.           tens of thousands of
30.           controversy

24.towed, away
25.It, no , wonder
26.The book/novel you lent me was/is the most interesting novel (that) I’ve ever read.
Instruction 指示/說明
Instruction manual 使用手冊/說明書
This TV program is very instructive.育意義的
Construction 建構
Construction site 工地
Structure  結構
Bill 帳單/法案
Bulletin board  system
Bbs  ptt
汪達爾人  vandal
To destroy ancient civilization
         古代 文明
Resist (v)抗拒
Resistant 抗拒的
Insist on
Mary insists on opening the door.
Persist in 馬利今天持續做企劃案
Mary persists in working on her project today.
To do something combat global warming.
Have much/ a lot in common
Have nothing in common
Have little in common一點點兒/幾乎沒有
Decorate  (v)裝飾
Literal meaning 
To survive in the society
Habitat 棲息地
Inhabit 居住(v)
 Bury (v)埋葬
, and it preserved
Nowadays=today (adv)現今
(Ving/pp )è表示強調
Many examples of graffiti are carved on the walls of Pompeii.[Be動詞與主詞倒裝]
A young woman was sitting beside him.
2.walking  3.Included
5.Lying   lie lay lain
 Lie lied lied 說謊
Lay laid laid下蛋/放置
I have three friends including/inclusive of Mary, John, and Kay.
My friends include M,J,and K.
特指兩組  some…the others…
, while 然而.(表示差異/對比)
Present (v)呈現
Represent (v)代表
Representative(n) 代表人