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Swear swore sworn 發誓
Wear wore worn穿
People who
They S+V 凡是S+V
Protest (v) (n)
Please pull the trigger. 請扣板機
Contact (v)(n)接觸/聯繫
1.Are you nearsighted? 你近視嗎?
Do u wear contact lens?隱型眼鏡
2.I’ll contact Mary later.
Contrast (n)對照
Contract (n)契約

Repellent (a)討人厭的
Mary is repellent.馬利很討人厭
(n)驅蟲劑è Pesticide (n)殺蟲劑
Score scored scored 得分
Score (n)分數/ 20 (單複數同型)
4 score and 8 years ago =
88 years ago
9 11……..
Solution 解決方式
Vow vowed vowed
Lie lied lied 說謊
Lie lay lain 躺
Lay laid laid 下蛋è放置
Let’s exchange the vows. (結婚)
Win won won 贏得
People who live
Path 小徑 flee to N
People flee the war.
I wanna flee the classroom.
I miss u so bad.我好想你 Me2
Miserably adv
Being /as a soldier

1. 立即(adv)immediately
2. 悲慘(n)misery
3. 拒斥(v)repel
4. 報復(v)revenge
5. 起因誘因(n)trigger
6. 弓 bow
7. 箭 arrow
8. 逃走 flee
9. 驚人的 startling
10. 使震怒 outrage
11. 侮辱insult
12. 森林woods
13. 瞄準aim
14. 發誓vow
15. 武器

1. 地方副詞在句首主詞動詞倒裝
Mary stands under the tree.
Under the tree stands Mary.
Sitting in the classroom is Jolin.
2. 假設法 要不是
But for your help, I would fail the test.
If it were not for ur help, …
Were it not for ur help, …
3. Young as Mary is, she manages things well.
èAlthough Mary is young, she ….