2013-03-13 501

(Who was) chosen
Consider A (to be) B
Think of A as B
Refer to A as B
Look upon A as B
View/See/regard A as B
Vital 非常重要的
Essential 必要的
Have enthusiasm for N
Have passion for N
Be enthusiastic about N
Be passionate about N
Be good/great/bad at N/ving
擅長/不擅長 + N/ving
S manage to VR  S 設法做某事
S try to   VR
His performance was impressive.
The judges were impressed by(感到印象深刻的) his performance.
Thus (,) =(adv)
, and, thus, Southall secured his place…
2. be involved in ..有關
Mary is involved in the sex scandal. 瑪莉與性醜聞有關
Feed  fed fed ()
Share sth with sb sb分享sth
Through 透過(prep.介係詞)
Preposition =prep.
Weekly test
, and his blog was widely…
, and it was widely …
, which was widely…
People who were interested in …
你好像我的朋友  (like)
You like one of my friends
You are like one of my friends.
Mary seems (to be) sick.
It seems that Mary is sick.
May seem (to be) like a vacation to(對於) many(n.許多人),
Semi-colon ;
Colon 結腸/冒號  semi ---  
Period =句點    comma=逗點
A tight schedule
Come across=run across=
Encounter=bump into 巧遇
Just days (that were) away from …
Sting stung stung
Unfortunately 不幸運地
Treat (v)治療
It’s my treat today.
Right away=at once=
Immediately 馬上
Worsen (v)惡化
Large (a)   enlarge 使變大
Sharp (a)   sharpen (v)使銳利
Despite N 儘管/雖然
In spite of N
Although S+V
Despite the fact that S+V
In spite of the fact that S+V
Minor 微小的 major 重大的
Setback =frustration挫折
, and he resumed his ….
, resuming 恢復
Long stay 常住 Short stay短住
Six-month stay (n)
Home-stay parents
(a)                                                                              寄宿家庭的
150,000   30,000
On/over skype
Mary is talking on the phone
                 Over the phone
感嘆句 …..!
How sweet you are!
How gentle you are!
How nice you are!
How adj S V!
How important it is!
By ving
藉由 一個動作
Adopt (v)採取
Broaden the horizons拓展視野
Expand the horizons
The global village
 Global warming 全球暖化
接納/承擔  take on
Book the ticket
Take the flight 搭班機
Think about=consider