On the one hand, s+V
On the other hand, S+V

On the contrary, 相反地
See A as B
Refer to A as B 視A為B
Think of A as B
Look upon A as B
Regard A as B
View A as B
Consider A (to be) B
In a sense, what he says is right.
What he says is right in a sense.
Beauty queen選美皇后
Beauty contest 選美比賽
Beauty mark 美人痣
Eg.Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder(看到的人).
Eg.Beauty is only skin(皮膚) deep(深的). 美是膚淺的
Beautify (v)使美
Vividly (adv)清晰地

Self image 個人/自我形象
Poetry (n)詩(集合名詞U)
Poem [C] 詩
Poet (n)詩人
Presentation (n)呈現
A piece of advice [U] 建議
A suggestion [C]
S suggest that sb (should) VR
Advise 建議
Order 命令
Demand 要求
Request 要求
Ask 要求
Work on sth執行某事
I am still working on it!我還在吃
Decrease (v)減少
** 我建議搭捷運通勤
Eg.I suggest commuting by MRT.
Heart attack 心臟病
Juvenile (n)青少年 就煩惱
Adolescent (n)青少年
Relationship 關係 (跟人有關)
Relatively 相對地
Sense (n)感覺/感官
Common sense 常識
Did you sense (v感覺)it?
Sensible (a)合理的 decision
Sensation (n)知覺
Sensitive (a)敏感的
Sense and Sensitivity理性與感性
Vibrate (v)震動
Cannot help +Ving
Cannot help But +VR
Have no choice but to VR
At the sight of sth 一看到….

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