2012-09-28 607

2.With the blast(n) of the electric current, he was killed instantly.
3.With the explosion(n) of the ball of light, he completely freaked out.
4.With the ascent(n) of the plane, it shook violently.
Ascend (v) 上升    descend(v)下降
5.With the coming of the fire ball, I could not see anything but bright blue for an instant一剎那.
Don’t sigh! 別嘆氣   !
Don’t sign!別簽名
Please sigh here! 請在這裡嘆氣
Please sign here!請在這裡簽名
Are you seeing anyone?

Dangerous i________d
Procedure i_____s breaking

1.                       toss(v)投擲
2.                       diligently勤勉的
3.                       clumsy笨拙的
4.                       brutal殘暴的
5.                       texture 質地/植物組織
6.                       deposit 存款/放置
7.                       sensible 明智的
8.                       explicit 清楚的
9.                       anxious焦慮的
10.               campaign(政治宣傳)活動
11.                  composition寫作作曲
12.                  despite儘管
13.                  invariably沒有變化的
14.                  contact 接觸
15.                  emphasize強調
16.                  take place發生
17.                  extend延伸
18.                  tortoise 烏龜
19.                  Paralympics殘奧
20.                  cooperate合作
21.                  embrace擁抱
22.                  correspondence符合通信聯繫
23.                  resource資源
24.                  magnetic磁性
25.                  satellite衛星
26.                  erratic 怪異的
27.                  perception概念
embarrassed 尷尬的

, which causes
The size of the hail is such that…
                       So great
**the hail is suchè意思不完整,
Ex. The taste of the hail is such that…
   The shape of the hail
However,=Nevertheless, =
Nonetheless,=Still,=Yet (後面不加逗點)
That are called
Which are called
, which changes
, and it changes
Before it disappears
Together with N
Along with N伴隨
Generally speaking,
Around =about 大約
A few=some一些 +可數名詞
Few 極少的+可數名詞
I agree with you on sth
Behave(v) yourself!
Obtain knowledge
Acquire knowledge
Gain knowledge
Phenomenon (單數) 現象
No matter what the causes are,

No matter (詞子句)
Around the world
=all over the world


2012-09-27 602

Domestic & international flight
Ascend (v)上升
Descend (v)下降
Shake shook shaken
Shake shook shook
All of a sudden=suddenly
Hit hit hit
I saw the thief steal things in my house.
I saw the thief stealing things in my house.
Seemed (to be) undamaged
èWith the ascent(n) of the plane, it shook violently.
5.With the coming of the fire ball, I could not see anything but bright blue for an instant.
The holiday season
However, =Nevertheless,
Nonetheless, =Still,=
Yet (後面不加逗點)
Desperately 拼命地
The people who are most likely to be found…..
Accumulate (v) 累積
Help sb (to) VR
Document (n)文件
That look to
No matter what their motives are,
Meanwhile,=At the same time,
Probe (n/v)探測
The former (n) 前者
The latter (n)後者
Confront (v) 面對/對質

I am going to faint
The cat faints on the piano.

46.been, around  47.to, name,
48.gets, in
49.Stars came/come out with the coming of (the) night.
èWith the coming of night, stars come out.
50.Such was the beauty of the night sky that I couldn’t stop looking up.
èThe beauty of the night sky was so great/such that I couldn’t …
39.Such was the popularity of the play that the theater was full every night.==>
èThe popularity of the play was such that…
40.The wound will heal with the passing of (the) time.
With the passing of (the) time, the wound will heal.

2012-09-27 607 課堂筆記

1.                                       hostile 有敵意的
2.                                       violate 違反
3.                                       invade 入侵
4.                                       briefly 簡短地
5.                                       fade 消逝/褪色
6.                                       loosen 使鬆
7.                                       cease 停止
8.                                       particle 粒子
9.                                       container 容器
10.                                 modest 謙虛的
11.                                 dominant 掌控的
12.                                 intense 強烈的密集的
13.                                 pyramid 金字塔
14.                                 accompany(v)陪伴
15.                                 mummy 木乃伊
16.                                 pharaoh 法老王
17.                                 phenomenon現象
18.                                 conspicuous引人注目的
19.                                 paradox矛盾
20.                                 alternative另一個選擇/替代性的
21.                                 enduring 忍受的/持久的
22.                                 conduct 執行/
23.                                 therapy 治療法
24.                                 opposite相反的
25.                                 sprout 嫩芽
Blow blew blown (v)
1.A fierce blizzard was such that the airport.
1-1)It was such a fierce blizzard that
2.Today is such a peaceful day that it is hard…
2-1)Such a peaceful day is today that it is hard to tell (that) a storm is on the way.
Sympathy 同情
3. (The speed of a tornado) is such that it is hard to predict its path.
èSuch is (the speed of the tornado) that it is hard..
4.The authorities concerned should VR
Ought to=should
The power of typhoon is such that the city…
èSuch is the power of the typhoon that the city government….
5.The weight of the hailstone is such that it..
èSuch is the weight of the hailstone that..
6.strength力量èThe strength of the wind is such that it blew off the roof.
è Such is the strength of the wind that …
Blow  blew blown (v)
1.                                     compel(v) 迫使
2.                     ally(n) 聯盟國
3.                     affectionate(a)有感情的
4.                     statistics數據
5.                     stumble(v) 跌倒
6.                     declaration宣佈
7.                     contend(v)競爭
8.                     stake(n)危機
9.                     dispose(v) 處理
10.                                                                              overhear (v)無異間聽到
11.                                                                              congestion擁擠
12.                                                                              arctic 北極的
13.                                                                              stun(v) 驚嚇
14.                                                                              abrupt(a)突然的
15.                                                                              induce(v)誘使
16.                                                                              colonial殖民的
17.                                                                              worthwhile值得的
18.                                                                              devotion奉獻付出
19.                                                                              modify(v) 修正
20.                                                                              reproduce(v)繁殖
21.                                                                              overwhelm(v)戰勝
22.                                                                              patrol 巡邏
23.                                                                              lest 萬一
24.                                                                              flick(v) 輕彈
25.                                                                              tuck(v) 塞入

Leaf   rise rose risen
2.With the firing of the rocket, a cloud smoke rose into the air.
3.With the approach of Halloween, pumpkins decorate the porches of every house.
4.With the release of Emily’s first album, she became a household name.
5.With the coming of autumn, leaves turn orange and red.
6.With the explosion of the bomb, the building was leveled.
Strike struck struck
Burn burnt burnt  
Paralympics  殘澳
Hit me on my(the) head
Pat me on my(the) shoulder
Immediately=at once=
right away=instantly
blast (v)炸開
electric 電的
electronics  電子學
electronic (a) 電子的
current (n)

範例1. The size of the hail is big.  The wind…
The size of the hail is so big that the wind
練習3.The speed of a tornado is so tremendous that it is hard….
That/which are called 閃電球
, which changes
Before it disappears

Along with=together with伴隨