503 2011-06-21

Which company pioneered the construction of multiplex theaters in North America?
In northern America
In the north of America
If the sun were to rise in the west, I would afford you lunch for 10 years.
If it should rain tomorrow, the party would be canceled.
If you had gone to bed earlier yesterday, you would be more energetic now.
[now, today, this month, this year.]
1. 我希望下個月去旅行
I wish to go on a tour next month.
We wish you a merry Christmas.
We wish you a happy birthday.
We wish you a long life.
2. 替換用法è但願…..
Eg. I wish I were dollaemon.
If only I were dollaemon.
Would that I were dollaemon.
3. If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.願望不可能都實現
4. were 5.could 6.had 7.could
(B)3.would (come) 4.would
(C) 4. had told 5. had been
6.had caught
Lie lied lied /Lie lay lain
Lay laid laid 柯靈芬 柯淑芬
Pp261 伍淑芬 廖淑芬 柯吉霸
A) were not so hard
B) had spent more time doing drills(練習)
C) wouldn’t be punished
3.A)were not so mean to her
B)had not diedè hadn’t
C)a fairy仙子 would appear
Mornica 模擬考
2.God helps whoever helps himself or herself.
3.Whoever leads a life full of love(過有愛的生活) is rich.
4.Whoever fails the exam will have to take the make-up exam(補考) next week.
5.Whoever talks you into cheating is not your true friend.
6.Whoever helps you in need is a friend indeed.
2.Whoever answers the question correctly in class will be given a piece of chocolate.
3.Whoever is late for class has to stand up at their seat for three hours.
4.Whoever misses錯過 or fails (in) the morning quiz has to take the make-up test 補考after school放學後.
5.A secret gift will be given to whoever spends thirty minutes listening to English radio programs every day.
6.The English teacher will give five extra points (給多5分) to whoever keeps an English journal(英文日誌).
**journal paper期刊論文