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Original idea
Originally(adv) 原本地
Originality (n)獨創性
Persuade sb to VR
Talk sb into ving
ètalk him into changing his mind
**dissuade sb from ving=
Talk sb out of ving
Eg.Mary dissuades me from opening the door.
Leaning to appreciate the culture of the younger generation may take much persuasion for the elderly.
Council 會議
Congressman 議員(美國眾議院)
Senator 參議院議員
Mary is the representative of this district.是這個區域的代表
A deed that is punishable ….
Fine (n)罰鍰
You should beware of the fierce dog inside of this house.
Beware of N 小心+危險的事物
The death penalty 死刑=
The capital punishment
Hit FM
Heater (n)暖氣
Reformer 改革者
Reformative (a)改革的
Reform (v)改革
(declare (v)/ intent (n意圖))
The president declares his intent to reform the welfare system.
Board of directors 董事會
Diving board 跳水板
Bulletin board 公佈欄
**boarding school 寄宿學校
** On board! 上船/車
**go aboard the ship上船/車
Axe=ax ox閹牛
Soon afterward=before long
1. shortage (n)不足/不夠
2. in short=in brief簡言之
I will be leaving the school shortly.
演化論 theory of evolution
Radical (a)激進的(n)激進份子
the political radicals
typewriter 打字機
for instance
tough (a)困難的
you should give a glance/glimpse of this newspaper.看一眼/一瞥
be similar to
be different from
Chinese-speaking country
N+ving You are …
1. 愛好和平的 peace-loving
2. 耗費時間的 time-wasting
3. 搶眼的 eye-catching
Adj+ving You are..
1. 好看的 good-looking
2. 長相奇怪的 odd-looking
3. 隨和的 easy-going
Adapt (v)改編
Adopt (v)採用/領養
Spelling that was used….
Pronunciation that was used …
In old daysó
nowadays=in modern times
establish (v)建立
The food is available to everyone.
Considered (to be) very ….
1. assist
2. shudder
3. possession
4. remain
5. proportion
6. atmosphere
7. admirable
8. labor
9. mischief
10. admission
11. celebrity
12. stiffly
13. chronically
14. furniture
15. bias
16. decent
17. retain
18. strand
19. portray
20. rage
21. occasion
22. consent
23. avenue
24. ambitious
25. rational
26. frank
27. corruption
28. accuse
29. exile
30. instructor
31. capture 32.jail sentence
33.prime minister 34.arrest
Be used to
èAre you used to the life of senior year in senior high school?
I am used to the life now.
èI used to go jogging in the morning (in) the past years.
èMary used to be patient (in) the past years.
ècell phones used to be very convenient in the past years.
It is convenient for us to take the bus to downtown.
=Nonetheless,=Still,= yet
S be not likely to VR沒有可能
S be likely to VR 有可能
You look fit!

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To develop photos
Wide (a)寬的
I can fly high(adv)
Highly=very 非常的
Altitude (n)高度/海拔
Height (n)高度
A full-length mirror全身鏡
A full-length novel 長篇小說
Melody (n)旋律
Tempo (n)節奏
Rhythm (n) 節奏
Rhyme (v)(n) 押韻
The word “apple” rhymes with the word “table.
Do you compose 寫曲/寫作文songs?
Are you a composer?作曲家
Composition (n)作文
Sweep swept swept (v)掃
Comic books漫畫書
Never cheat on tests/exams
Class dismissed!下課
Convince sb to VR
Do you wear makeup today?
Convince sb of sth
Mary tries to convince me of her beauty. 瑪莉試圖說服我她的美麗
Native (a天真的./天天
Mary persuades me to open the door.
Persuasion (n)說服
Talk sb into ving 說服某人做某事
Talk sb out of ving 說服某人不要做某事
I talked Mary out of opening the door.
In spite of +N/ving
In spite of the fact that
Despite the fact that
Although S+V
I Am a capable student.
Bring about=lead to=result in=cause
Popular (a)流行的
Sense of achievement 成就感
Ur performance is impressive. Your 讓人印象深刻的
Mental (a)心智的
Mortal 會死的
moral 道德的
accomplish (v)完成