To my surprise, there were about 6 people came today for the reunion. It's so great to see everyone since last year there were only three came. And Kurt and I were thinking that last year might be the last time we have the reunion. So today we first had lunch together at Skylark. I was there on time, and the rest of them were all late. The second came after 30 minutes of our appointed time.

Anyways, it was still great to see them since we met once a year, and people came from different places and back to Taichung. So today there were Kurt, JungHong,Big White,ZhiSheng,ZhaoYuan and I. We used to call each other by nicknames since high school. But today Big White asked us to call her by her real name, and we did. But it was so strange and she was not used to it, either. We gossiped a lot like some got married, some gave birth to babies, some are teaching at schools, and working in the companies. Everyone has his/her own life.

After that, we went to CashBox KTV to have fun. The fee was very expensive today. It was out of every one's expectation. No wander there were few in the KTV. As years passed, I found that everyone gets mature. We know how to choose topics to discuss and chat with each other, and also to give each other advices and share ideas. Everything was going smoothly. As for me, this is the best reunion. But I guess for one reason is that unlike some of them who were still worrying about the jobs, I've got my own job so I felt really relaxed during the gathering. And I tried hard to learn some new and latest hit songs the other day so that I could have better performance today. I believe they will get good jobs since everyone had good diploma and they always try their best to do everything.

It's a pity that there was not much time for us to have a good talk and I forgot to take pictures with everyone. You know that as people grow, we are not sure if we will have this reunion next year since once 3 of us got married or have babies, we might not have the reunion next year. So, by the time saying goodbye, no one said "see you next year" but only "happy new year," "take good care," etc. For me, that's the sad part of today's reunion.