My old English diary.

Last night, I accidentally found my old English diary when I was a sophomore. It was the assignment of my English composition class. The teacher just came back from England or some where I don't remember. What I remember is that she assigned us tons of writing reports and papers to do, and asked us to keep the English diary for one semester! At that time, it was a torture for me since I needed to write down something everyday despite nothing had happened. So, I wrote trivals heppened everyday.

It was so interesting when I read something that I've already forgot. I am so surprised with my change throughout the passing of time. Hopefully, it's a positively change. Well, anyways, as I wrote on the last day of my diary, keeping English everyday needs perseverance. It was a heavy load for me cause you can see that I stayed up so late for many times for only having my reports done. However, I have to admit that my English writing skill improved so much after keeping the diary for one semester.

So I guess I should do it as I used to do. At least I can force myself to study English HARDER everyday though I'm really worn out EVERYDAY!
Cheers! People!

By the way, I have an old website that I made three years ago. http://lauralin711.tripod.com/ I got my self-introduction inside. you might want to check it out. Also, I put some songs that I sang long long time ago. If you need to find something amusing, just check it out. Have a good time!


Making decisions!

I'd really love to figure out a good way to teach Engilsh composition. And thought it would be a good choice to see how other teachers do. However the blogger system seems to be more stupid than I think. I hope the class can be conducted efficiently and worthwhile instead of turning it into an experiment since it is very important for them to learn SOMETHING for now. Well, let's wait and see .

By the way, there are two girls sang a song that they adapted the lyrics a bit, and I think it very funny.... here is the lyrics...from 梁靜茹's 暖暖

the original lyrics: 我想說其實你很好 你自己卻不知道
(I'd like to say that actually you are nice, but you don't know it.)

1.their lyrics:1. 我想說其實你很笨 你自己卻不知道
(I'd like to say that actually you are stupid, but you don't know it.)
2. 我想說其實我很美 其實大家都知道
(I'd like to say that actually I'm beautiful, and everybody knows it.)

lol~~so interesting!~~ I love to see how they show me what they are thinking about! :)



A brand-new start! :)

hello~My dear students,

Well, I have to admit that the system seems to be kinda weird as
some of you suggested me. I am kind confused with the function
of this website. I'll go and discuss it with the professor,
and see what else we can do to improve the condition.
Anyways, it is a good start since I've got half of your
blogger links. Let's work it out together, and I bet
everything will run better as time goes by.

Laura :)