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Representation 代表

Representative (n) 代表人

(a) 代表的

I swear!(v)我發誓

Vow (n)誓言

Hold sth to be sacred

視 sth 為神聖的

It is not easy for grandma to thread(v穿線) a needle.

Rake (n/v)耙子/耙


Fridge 冰箱 (口語)

景象 scene (n)

Scenery (n) [U] 風景

Tragedy (n)悲劇

To be or not to Be

chef (n)大廚 cook廚師


resignation (n)辭職

editor (n) 編輯

editor-in-chief 總編輯(n)

commander 司令官/下命令的人

commander-in-chief 總司令官(n)

CEO = chief executive officer

總裁 主要的 執行的 官

(n) executive執行長

Main =chief 主要的

Political correct 政治正確

To choose your diction carefully


Negro 黑鬼

African American 非裔美國人

Asian/Chinese American


Handicapped (a) 殘障的

She has physical challenges.身障

PE=Physical Education 體育課

She has psychological challenges心障

Psychology (n)心理學

Psychological (a)心理的

Annual (a) 每一年的

Manual ~ 手的 manuscript 手稿

1. the wildlife reserve 野生動物保護區

2. reservoir (n) 蓄水池/水庫

1. We should preserve 保護/保存 the natural resources 自然資源.

2. You should conserve your energy 省點力氣/精力 so that you won’t fall asleep 睡著 later.

3. you should observe 觀察the surroundings四周環境.

3-1) The expert 專家observed評論 that Mary’s work is excellent.

observation (n) 觀察/評論

4. you deserve it! 你應得的!/你活該!

 I’d like to make a reservation for 2.

1. 那個充滿愛意的母親看著自己的小男孩兒在公園裡騎著三輪車。

2. 昨天我再公車上碰到一位臂彎裡抱著小孩的婦人。

3. 有少數人則決定留在家裡,做一些像打掃房子之類的事。

4. 如果你向右轉,就一定不會錯過那教堂的。

5. 因為頭痛得很厲害,Jason 工作沒做完就回家了。

Minus 5 points for 1 mistake.

20 points for each.


Blow ( v)擺動/吹

1. The wind blows風在吹

2. the leaves blow in the wind

willow 柳樹

sway 搖擺(v)

whisper (v) 小聲講話

die of hunger飢餓/starvation 飢荒

I need mineral water礦泉水 to quench解(渴) my thirst.

Enthusiasm 熱忱

1. Upon/on seeing me, Mary laughed.

2. As soon as Mary saw me, she laughed.

3. Mary had no sooner seen me, she laughed.

4. Mary had hardly seen me, she laughed.

5. Hardly had Mary seen me, she laughed.

先發生had pp. 後發生Ved

Commit (v)執行

Mary committed suicide.

How do you think of me?


Think of A as B 視 A 為B

Refer to A as B

Look upon A as B

Aborigine (n) 原住民

Are you used to the life of the second year in high school?

Are you used to it?

Spare the rod, spoil the child.

節省 棒子 寵壞

Do you have spare time?你有空嗎 ?

Are you available now?