1. switch 2. subtle 3. massage 4. possibility 5. techniques 6. strategy 7. laundry 8. objective 9. ethical 10. Sponsors 11. estimated 12. invisible 13. deceptive 14. advertisement 15. exaggeration 16. is familiar with 17. in favor of 18. at least 19. resulted in +不可數名詞 A huge amount (of money) Along with=with 伴隨 Raise your hand Raise pets Raise money 籌錢 Raise questions 提出問題 Companies which are sponsoring that are sponsoring which/that sponsor Besides TV In addition to TV Highly=totally (adv) 極度地/非常地 I can fly high (adv) 很高地 That feature (v)以…為特色 Actress who are dressed in Sb be dressed in 衣服某人盛裝打扮 Who drive Who drink The brand name that/which is obviously displayed. 明顯地被展示 I am attracted to you.我被你吸引了 I am attracted by you. (to which=where) the films take you. Eg.I take you to the park. I take you to the school. The films take you to the scenes. That are provided抹 In fact=Actually=事實上-里榙剖抹 When 隨著 =when Be/become/get 變得 Some people=some 不僅會有倫理問題,而且有合法問題在這種行銷策略中. Eg.馬利不僅會跳舞,而且會唱歌 Mary can sing as well as dancing. Eg.海倫不僅吃了蛋糕,也吃了盒子. Helen eats the box as well as the cake. When/As we live the world (that is )filled with Full of messages Sb had better VR 某人最好做某事 Be alert to Be sensible to 敏銳的 2. The fact that nearly half of female teenagers in the U.S. are on a diet.

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