2013-03-07 501

41.The key to happiness lies in /consists in cherishing what you have.
42.[Staying up/Burning the midnight oil all night] will do harm to your health and your ability to concentrate/ability of attention. Concentration.
43.If you want to succeed, it is important that you receive/have a good education/
Important to receive a good education first.
44.If you want others/other people to/people to like you, it is necessary/essential that you like yourself first.
45.Liking/To like yourself means
The meaning of liking yourself is that
that you should not only be proud of your strengths, but also accept your own weaknesses.
46. The government should not only raise public awareness//the public’s awareness, but also educate people on how to conserve/save water.
Not only should the government raise public awareness, but it also educate people on how to conserve/save water.
47.in other words, water conservation has a lot to do with our daily habits.
48.It is crucial that we take action to decrease/diminish/reduce the use of water and make full used of it.
take full advantage of it
Vs. It declines
Lie lied lied 說謊
Lie lay lain
Lay laid laid 下蛋è放置
, and they soak up
I am discouraged
Apply for the job to the company
Apply for the admission(入學許可) to the universities.