2012-02-16 502

Southwestern 西南方的

Southeastern 東南方的

In accordance with N根據=

Based on N= 依據

On the basis of N 依據


Lead to=bring about=cause=

result in 導致

rise (n/v) rose risen

resident (n)居民=inhabitant居民

electricity 電

electric 電的

electronics 電子學

electronic電子的 books

eel 鰻魚

Besides, =Moreover,=Furthermore,

=In addition, 此外


Decreases by 5 percent


Awesome! 好棒


Tread trod trodden 踩/踏

Well goes a saying, “俗話說得好 .”

As a saying goes, “ 俗話說 .”

As a proverb goes, “ 諺語說.”

Heal=cure (v)治療

Injury受傷=wound (n)傷口

There was a theft in Mary’s house.


除此之外還有 besides

1. –oriented

2. perceived

3. typical

4. efficient

5. punctual

6. colleagues

7. segments

8. specific

9. associate

10. productive

1. minority

2. valuable

3. efficiency

4. offensive

5. emphatic

1. on,the,dot,at, pace

2. scheduled, to take place

3. chase,conflicts, with

4. keep,track,of,soon,as, possible,put,aside

21.The higher the position (you are in), the more responsibilities (you have).

22.The man picking his nose in public made a really bad impression on me.

I am superior to Mary.

Mary is inferior to me.