2012-08-31 607 課堂筆記

1.                                 太陽從東邊升起
The Sun rises in the east.
2.                                 問題從實驗中產生/發生
The problem arose in the experiment.  Vs. experience
      實驗    經驗
3.                                 此活動主要(是要去)引起學生好奇心
This activity aims to arouse students’ curiosity.
4.                                 舉手 raise your hand
籌錢 raise money
養寵物 raise pets
提問題 raise a  question
5.葡萄乾 raisin
Academy 學院
Cross  check
Promising (a)有前景的/有前途的
There are times=sometimes
Refer to A as B
Look upon A as B
Think of A as B
See/view/regard A as B
Consider A (to be) B
Lucky   unlucky luck運氣
Good luck! 祝你㊣好運
Desire (v)/(n) 想要(v)/慾望(n)
Nonetheless, =Still, =
Yet (後面不加逗點) 然而
All at once=all of a sudden=
Emergency (n) 緊急事件
ER=emergency room急診室
Pessimist 悲觀者
Optimist 樂觀者
1.                                 Riding the bike, Jessie’s hair blows (風吹)in the wind.
èJessie rides the bike, her hair blowing in the wind.
2.                                 Walking in the dark, Jessie’s head hits the ceiling.
èJessie walks in the dark, her head hitting the ceiling.
瑪莉跟我作對èMary is against me!
è, and the world is against you.
è, the world being against you.
At times=sometimes
Seem (to be)
Courage 勇氣  (n)
Discourage (v)使沮喪
Discouraging  令人沮喪的
Certainly=absolutely 當然地
關係代名詞 As (N)èAs 可當名詞,
As (it) is voiced by….
As is voiced by
如同    發聲
African-American statesman
非裔美籍       政治家
Malcom X
Face the music 面對現實
Confront the fact 面對現實
Face the fact
Negative (a)負面的
We need a positive attitude toward our life.                   
Absolutely,=certainly, =definitely
Choose chose chosen 選擇
Remain (v)連綴動詞 /仍然/依然
1.                             Mary remains pretty and young (a).
2.                             Mary remains a student(n).
3.                             We remain friends(n).
4.                             Mary remains in London.(地方)
Remaining days 剩餘的日子
Remaining years 剩下的幾年
Let’s visit the remains around 慧文高中.我們去拜訪遺址
Remains 遺體 of the animals
Hope that everything goes well/smoothly with you, and take good care.

Best (regards),
We need to bridge ourselves to the world. 我必須讓自己跟世界接軌
Please sigh here (v) 嘆氣
Please sign here.(v) 簽名
Healthy  wealthy 富有的
Optimistic (a)樂觀的
Lose lost lost  (v)
Loose (a) 鬆垮的
使鬆  loosen
Prophet 先知
Achilles’ heel 人性的弱點
Oedipus complex 戀母情結
Oedipus the king


2012-08-23 高二上下重補修

that S(should)VR

AI=artificial intelligence
Extension 延伸/分機(ext.2266)
Collision 衝突/撞擊
 Send  sent sent
Casual         outfit
 休閒的/隨意的  穿著
 My shoes are identical to yours.
Murderer 謀殺的人
Happen happened happened
What happened to you?
What had happened to you?
What’s happen?
I don’t eat meat but I bite.
我不吃肉 但是我咬
Congratulations! You deserve it! 你應該得的!
I admire your ideas.
International 國際的
National(a) 國家的
Competition 競賽
Asia, Africa, North and South America, Antarctica,  Australia, and Europe, too.
I am about to go home.
I am going to go home.
I am on a diet.我在節食
Classify (v)分類
Notify (v)注意
 Today=nowadays現今 adv
 Naïve (a) 天真的
 Innocent (a)純真的
 Jay chou is superior to Welber.
 Welber is inferior to Jay chou.
 I am familiar to Jay chou.
 Extensive (a)廣泛的
 You’re impressive!你讓人印象深刻!
 Are you available tonight?
  Apply (v)應用
 Mary has been exposed to popular music since she was young.     自從
Many statues that date back at ..
Women that wear …
However, (adv)
Nevertheless, (adv)
Still,  (adv)
Yet (後面不加逗點) conj 連接詞
Whereas (後面不加逗點)連接詞
Dye  dyed dyed 染色
Die died died 死亡
Dying 瀕臨死亡的
No comment (n)意見
Commend (v)表示意見
Lead to= bring about=cause
Smoothie 冰沙
1.      Assemble(v)
2.      Negotiate(v)
3.      Consent to(v)
4.      Impulse(n)
5.      Anxious
6.      Reluctantly
7.      Diagnosis
8.      不幸地
9.      Declined
10.  Incident
11.  Protein
12.  Attribute ..to..
13.  Essential
14.  Sparse
15.  Paradox
16.  Mysterious
17.  Recruit(v)
18.  Initially
19.  許可證p…t
20.  禁止f...d
21.  圍籬f..e
22.  Consist of(v)
23.  Ritual
24.  Renowned
25.  Incarnation+++
26.  Appeal (n)
27.  Composer
28.  Choir
29.  Classical
30.  Undoubtedly
31.  Soundtrack
32.  Unobtainable
33.  Permanent
34.  Sufficiently
35.  Reveal
36.  Reluctantly
37.  Ambition
38.  Assassination
39.  Flatter
40.  regulate

1.        Assemble(v)集合
2.        Negotiate(v)協商
3.        Consent to(v)同意
4.        Anxious 焦慮的
5.        Diagnosis 診斷
6.        不幸地unfortunately
7.        Declined 式微的
8.        Essential 必要的
9.        Sparse 稀少的
10.     Paradox 矛盾
11.     Initially 最初低
12.     Consist of(v) 組成
13.     Renowned 有名的
14.     Unobtainable達不到的
15.     Permanent 永久的
16.     Reveal 揭露
17.     Invasion 入侵
18.     Artificial 人工的
19.     Collide 碰撞
20.     Occasionally 偶爾地
21.     Overlook 忽略
22.     Urgent 緊急的
23.     Identical 相同的
24.     Regret 後悔
25.     Strive 努力
26.     Observation 觀察
27.     充當 serve as
28.     Miracle 神秘
29.     Chemical 化學物質
30.     Penalty 懲罰
31.     信號signal
32.     分類classify
33.     Superior to  優於
34.     Extensive 擴張的
35.     Underneath 在下方
36.     Whereas 然而
37.     Cautious 謹慎的
38.     Campaign 活動
39.     Roughly 大約低
40.     former  之前的


Continent 大陸
Republic of China  ROC
Due to+N=owing to+N=

on account of+N
Costco 好事多
You are somewhat Disgusting!
Remote control
Apply(v) 應用
Apply  A  to B A用在B上面
Release (v)釋放
Run errand 跑腿
Stop ving 停止做某事
Stop to VR 停止去做某事
Mary stops to sing.
Bleed (v) 流血
Bandage 繃帶/
Asia, Africa, North and South America, Antarctica, Australia, and Europe, too.
Expose (v)接觸
Exposure (n)暴露
Please flush (v)請沖水/臉紅
Mary’s face flushed when the teacher praised讚美 her.
Window pane 窗戶玻璃
Please sign here! 請在這兒簽名
Please sigh here! 請在這兒嘆息
Bald 禿的
Flee (v)逃離 fled (v) fled
Compare A  with  B
比較A B
With that(=the speed) of other particles…
A space that contains no matter
If your pencil were the candy,
I would eat it.
I want to give up on Mary.
Date back to追朔
Attach to 附加
I attach the picture to the e-mail.
Physician 內科醫師
Stick (v) stuck stuck 黏住/
Financial (a)財務的
Fascinating 迷人的

1.      Hesitate   猶豫
2.      Exaggerate 誇張
3.      允許p…n permission
4.      Distribute(v) 分配
5.      on account of 由於
6.      with a view to為了
7.      somehow  不知怎嚜地
8.      令人驚訝的surprisingly
9.      Consequence(n) 結果
10.  compromise 妥協
11.  statistics 統計數字
12.  atmosphere 氣氛/大氣層
13.  colonize 殖民
14.  financing 財務的
15.  delightful 愉快的
16.  reside  居住
17.  機組人員Crew
18.  transplant  移植
19.  infect  感染
20.  somehow  不知怎嚜地
21.  errand  差事
22.  bleeding 流血
23.  consequence  結果
24.  assurance 確定
25.  investigate 調查
26.  消失vanish
27.  compliment 稱讚
28.  intimate 親密的
29.  twig 樹支
30.  remarkable 卓越的
31.  horizon 水準
32.  monument 紀念碑
33.  flexible 彈性的
34.  advanced 進階的
35.  dinosaur 恐龍
36.  findings 發現
37.  marvelous 絕佳的
38.  compare 比較
39.  discouraging 令人沮喪的
40.  resolve(v)解決