407 2011-04-11

1.To and fro 去去回回=back and forth= Backward and forward 來來回回 2.Up and down上上下下 3.Left and right左左右右 4.Here and there 到處 =everywhere 5.on and off 斷斷續續 They contact with each other on and off.斷斷續續跟彼此聯絡 6.ins and outs 細節 7.do’s and don’ts No farting 癱坐在椅子上 Droppings 鳥糞 , and he panted. Pants底褲/內褲 Trousers 長褲 Keep my words Indirect object間接受詞IO Direct object 直接受詞DO Princess jar 缸 Spit the phlegm Knight 騎士 no3 Lick舔 By accident=accidentally意外地 Overcome克服(v) fear(n) red high heels紅色高跟鞋 Achilles heels 弱點 Greek mythology希臘神話 Mary’s mouth is wide open. Mother tongue 母語 Hang hung hung 懸掛 Hang hanged hanged 吊死 I am going to have a snapshot 快照 Snap your fingers彈手指 Mary survived the earthquake. 從地震中存活從海效忠純活 Mary survived the tsunami. Die died died (v) dying瀕臨死亡的 Dead (a)死亡的 Dye dyed dyed (v)染色 Dyeing You have to face the music! 面對現實勇敢面對 Hold their breath 屏息 To my astonishment, Mary failed. 令我驚訝的是,瑪莉失敗了