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Merci!=gracias! (Spanish)
I am flattered!
A genius is one percent inspiration(靈感) and ninety-nine percent perspiration(流血流汗è努力).
Inspire (v)啟發
Inspiring (a)鼓舞人的
Courage (n)勇氣
Confirm (v)確認
I’d love to
I’d like to
Combo no1.
Sympathy (n)同情
Sympathetic 同情的
Quotation mark è“ .”
Are you used to it(N)?
Are you used to the food(N)?
Are you used to the fact that I sit behind you?
Mary used to go (VR) jogging last year. She doesn’t do it now.
He is exposed to ….
   had been
be        +used to
become +accustomed to N/ving
be awakened by 被叫醒
1.                              used to smoke 
*right after
2.                              get used to jet lag(時差)
3.                              used to be
   *art gallery 藝廊
4. used to drive   *rising上升的
5.is used to living *alone孤單的
6.used to sleep in/ has been used to rising(起床)
Federal (a) government
Con+federal èconfederacy
, which was conceived in …
*was dedicated to N
 致力於 N
, and we test whether …
(which was) so conceived
Cemetery 墓園
Doing this add to the difficulty.做這件事增加困難度
The thing that=all that=what
Rather 更甚者
Fight fought fought (v)奮鬥
 Thus far=so far 到目前為止
Noble (a)高貴的
that remains
     (v) 仍然/依舊
Mary remains in London(地方).
Mary remains young (adj).
Mary remains as my good friend(N).
For that cause
For which
1.Dissolve (v) 瓦解
The Soviet Union dissolved long time ago.
2.Resolve è 
New year resolution(n)
3.Revolveè revolution(n)革命
The earth revolves around the sun.地球繞太陽旋轉
4.solve (v解決) the problem
The solution(n)解決方式
5. reserve (v) 預約
 make a reservation
I highly 極度地 promote the product.
I can fly high(adv高地).
It is in van.小貨車

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