2012-12-24 501

Theme song
It is familiar to me.
To 所有格 +情緒性名詞
To the lion’s disappointment,
To the lion’s sadness,
Mice 老鼠(複數)
the Internet 網路
break down故障
 broken (a)壞的
It’s broken!這個壞了!~
Succeed (v)成功
S used to VR
U are like Jay Chou.
You like Jay Chou
Are you used to my smiling at you?
Are you used to my shoes?
Are you used to the food?
Become  used to N/ving
Get    accustomed to N/ving
Weaver (n) 織布工
A Dream weaver
Weave weaved weaved
Weave a story 編故事
I should have ridden my motorcycle.
Ride rode ridden 騎車
I should have bought the autobike..
You should have come yesterday.
Dig dug dug (v)
Can not
Be able to=be capable of能夠
Management (n)管理
Overcome overcame  overcome
Namaste! 你好!
Pros and cons 優點與缺點
Airplane 飛機 =plane
Planet 星球
Plant (n)工廠/植物  (v)種植
Transplant(v) 移植
Nuclear power plant 核電廠
Air crash空難
Alligator 短吻鱷
Crocodile 長吻鱷
Escalator  手扶梯
Elevator 升降梯
I long for friendship.
I long for love.
Mary has a longing for love.渴望愛

2012-1224 602

1.New year resolution新年新希望
2.Dissolve (v)溶解/瓦解
3.Revolve (v) 旋轉
The earth revolves around the sun.   地球繞太陽轉
4.reserve  (v) 預約
Make a reservation預約
You can fly high(adv)!你可以飛的!
I highly promote this.
In a van 小貨車
If it were not for you, I would not be happy now.  與現在事實相反假設è 用過去式表示
=>Were it not for you,
If it had not been for you, I would not have been happy.
èHad it not been for you,
與過去事實相反假設è 用過去完成式表示
2.If it had not been for the typhoon, the Wang family would not have cancel(l)ed their picnic.
3.If it had not been for the new medicine, Jim would have died of the flu.
4. If it had not been for her uncle’s financial support, Susan would not have gone to college in New York.
5.If it had not been for the delay of the train, I would not have been late for my job interview.
6. If it had not been for your timely help, we would have starve to death.
Had it not been for N, S+V
But for N, S+V
Without N, S+V
Alligator 短吻鱷
魟魚 哀悼
Although I am cute, S+V
èCute as I am
Although u are handsome,
è Handsome as you are, S+V
èOld and weak as Mr. White was,
Be determined to VR
Due to=Owing to=Because of
=On account of=As a result of N
Influenza (流感)
plague 瘟疫/黑死病
Infectious  感染的
Contagious (接觸傳染的) intimate
1.                       barren(a) 貧瘠的荒蕪的
2.                       pastime(n)休閒活動
3.                       stray(v) 走失 流浪
4.                       prevail(v) 勝過流行
5.                       hence(adv)因此
6.                       purchase(v)購買
7.                       impose severe 加強 discipline on the kids
8.                       submissive to Mary屈服於
9.                       interior (a/n)內部()
10.                 executive(n)執行長
11.                 contemporary當代的
12.                 prospective 預期的
13.                 maintenance 維持修
14.                 substantial 充足的大量的
15.                 fluency 流利  
16.                 a foul smell 骯髒的惡的
17.                 glacier 冰河
18.                 abortion 墮胎/流產
19.                 distinctive 明顯的區別的卓越的獨特的
20.                 Jack is entitled to check out the books. 有資格的/給與權利
21.                 confront(v) 遭遇面對
22.                 rein(n)韁繩
23.                 communism 共產主義
24.                 capitalism資本主義
25.                 He is granted a 允許/pension 薪俸
26.                 misconduct(n) 不好行為
27.                 corporation 企業公司
28.                 it is out of stock無庫存
29.                 federal 聯邦的
30.                 interpret(v) 詮釋
31.                 spur(v/n) 馬刺/鼓勵
32.                 mount(v)()
33.                 a wholesome life健全的健康的
34.                 alter(v)改變