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1. After dinner my father would rather take a walk in the park than watch TV at home.
1-1).After dinner my father would take a walk/stroll in the park rather than watch TV at home.
2.He thinks that we cannot put too much emphasis on (重視)our health.
He thinks that it would not be too much no matter how we put emphasis on our…
3.They do/play Tai-chi in the park every morning.
4.Although/though/Despite the fact that they are not rich, they are content and happy.
5.I had dinner with my classmate Nancy in a restaurant the other day/(several )days ago.
6.She has studied in the U.S. since graduation/she got graduated/since she graduated.
7.A fire broke out(爆發) in an apartment …
An apartment was on fire…
8.was finally put out at midnight.

As he had been expected
As he had expected
1.                            dare 當助動詞
How dare you( open the door)? 你膽敢….
How could you?
I dare not open the door.
I cannot open the door.
2.                            當一般動詞
You must dare to rebel..
You must want to VR

I don’t dare open the door.