Three months before her final examinations, the ambitious teachership student Valentine concentrates herself completely on learning. When Jazz musician Edouard wooes her, she agrees on a date though - planning for one night of pleasure only. But when she comes to know him better, she realizes that he isn't as shallow as she thought... so lust turns to love. But between her examination preparations and a tournee with a jazz band almost no time is left to be spent together. Written by Tom Zoerner


Claude Pinoteau

You Call It Love (L'étudiante)

You call it love
There are things I need to say
About the way I feel
When your arms are all around me
You call it love
Words I’d heard that sound so fine
Meaningless each time
Till you came and found me
See the ground is slowly turning
dizzily, easily
Feel the way my heart is burning
secretly inside of me
You call it love
All the wishes in my mind
Soared into the skies
Where reflected in my own eyes
You say it’s love
variations on a theme
Love was just a dream
Memories of past sighs
See your love is
always round me
Everywhere in the air
New sensations now surround me
Ocean wide deep inside
You call it love
All my days past close to you
Grey skies turn to blue
And the sun shines all around me
You call it love
It’s a phrase that people say
Each and every day
Real love is hard to find though
See the ground is slowly turning
dizzily easily
Feel the way my heart is burning
from your touch secretly
You call it love
Now I know it’s so much more
Being close to you
Makes this feeling new
that you call it love

L`etudiante Trailer Sophie Marceau

Falling Slowly by Sting

Sting Shape of my Heart


Falling Slowly - Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova (Once)


2010-12-30 402 課堂筆記

Immediately=at once=right away

Major (a) 主要的 (n)主修


principal (n)高中以下校長

president (n)總統/總裁/校長


Strategist (n) 戰略家

Strategic (a)戰略的

Strategically (adv)戰略性地

Fortune (n)運氣/財富

The fortune teller 算命師

Prophet (n)預言家


Fortunately (adv)幸運地

“Houses and Homes”

Lose/lost/lost (v)/

Loose (a)鬆的

Reduce (v)減少 reduction (n)

the superstar had to cancel the concert is unfortunate.

(A) X (B) That (C) Which

Mythical=fictional =imaginary (a)


Fantasy (n)幻想 fantastic (a)絢麗的

Zeus Hera Venus Cupid Echo

S+ be fascinated by N


志文出版社è 希臘羅馬神話

Herculus …….

Milky way銀河 universe

Galaxy (n) 銀河

1.Consumption (n) 消費/消耗

2.費時的 N-Ving ètime-consuming

3.custom (n) 風俗習慣

4.customer (n) 顧客

5.costum (n) 服飾

oil, and it consumes over…

let’s maintain a good relationship.維持良好關係

1.In spite of /Despite +N/V-ing

儘管 N/V-ing

2.Although +S+V 雖然S+V

Keep in touch

Maintain (v) 維持

1. retain (v)保留 壁爐

eg.We retain the old fireplace

when we decorated the room.

2. sustain (v)支持支撐

eg.A light meal won’t sustain

us through the day.


3. remain (v)保持

eg.You had better remain

calm when the accident happens. Calim

Diction choosing 詞彙選擇

Effectiveness (n)有效

The effectiveness of the drug




Affect(v) 影響

In effect,=as a matter of fact,=

In reality,=in fact,事實上

Relieve (v)解除

Relief (n) 輕鬆

To my relief, she won the

Achieve (v)達到

A sense of achievement成就感

A sense of humor幽默感

Efficiency (n)效率

Efficient (a)有效率的

We need a good education

A bad effect


Effect on N

Take medicine 吃藥


Psychology 心理學

Psyche 塞姬

We work out in the gym every day. 我們每天在體育館運動

Replace B with ()A

Substitute A for(為了) B


I substitute a warmer blanket for

the light blanket.

On the contrary

I didn’t go to school; instead,

I went to the park. 相反地

[instead of 而不是]è

I went to the park instead of

the school.

Replacement (n)替代物

The rope that hanged from …