2012-01-31 502

Mary differs from John.
Cats differ from dogs.
Deal with N
Cope with N 處理 N
Handle N
1. Can you tell the difference辨別差異 between the twin sisters?
2. It makes a big difference.有影響
3. It doesn’t make difference.沒影響
以家庭為導向的 family-oriented
以年輕人導向的 youth-oriented
Apply to the university for admission
跟/向學校申請 (為了)入學許可
Twenty-seventh 27th
Put/lay emphasis on
Put/lay focus on N 強調N
Put/lay stress on
Lay laid laid 下蛋放置
Put put put
Analysis (n)分析
Analyze (v)分析
Lose lost lost (v)丟掉/輸掉
Loose (a)鬆的
As…..as possible
As….as you can
Owing to=because of=As a result of=
Due to N 由於 N
Hold held held (v)
Hold on! Hold on a second!
Hold on a sec.
行程表 (n)
They finish the project on schedule.
 They finish the project ahead of schedule.
 They finish the project behind schedule.
you have a tight schedule.
Be Filled with=be full of 充滿
Tangerine 橘子segments 水果的瓣
Orange 柳丁 segments
Luggage (U)行李
Mary unpacked the suitcase. 開封/箱
A pack of cigarettes 一包香菸
A pack of cards 一副紙牌
What Mary told me was a pack of lies.
You are not a liar. 說謊者
Lie lied lied 說謊
I had the wrong phone number.
Is Mary there?
Excuse me, can I talk to Mary?
Panel 小組會議/座談 /(太陽能)板
Students should manage to strike the balance between schoolwork and entertainment.
Leave a message
A slip of pen 筆誤
A slip of tonguetongue slip口誤
Roast eels烤鰻魚
Mary is as slippery as an eel.

2012---01-31 507

Owing to N
On account of N
Because of N
As a result of N
Hold held held
Hold on!!
Eleventh 11th
twenty-fifth 25th
I will finish my report on schedule.
I will finish my report ahead of schedule.
I will finish my report behind schedule.
1.on time 準時
2.She caught the bus in time. 及時
Tangerine (n) segments 橘子
Orange segments 柳丁
Be full of =be filled with充滿N
Mary hasn’t unpack her suitcases.
未開封 luggage (N/[U])
1.A pack of cigarettes 一包香菸
2.A pack of cards一副紙牌
3.What you told me was a pack of lies.
Panel (n)小組會議/座談////(太陽能)板
Committee 委員會
Excuse me, you have the wrong phone number. 你打錯電話
Manage to VR 設法做某事
Students should manage to strike the balance between schoolwork and entertainment.學生應設法在課業與娛樂中取得平衡
Ms. Miss Mr. Sir
It’s just the tongue slip. 口誤
Mother tongue (n)母語
It’s just a slip of the pen筆誤
Mary is as slippery as an eel.
Roast eel 烤鰻魚
Preposition =prep.(n)介係詞
Through (prep)經過=past (prep.)
Wind (n) 風
Wind wound wound 蜿蜒 (v)
Mary is wounded by the gunshot.
Wound (v)受傷 (n)傷
Mary has the wound on her leg.
I feel hot!我覺得很熱
Mary is hot!瑪俐很辣
It is typical of Mary to ask for help.
Mary sends/gives you greetings this morning.
Immigrate (v) 移(民)入
Emigrate (v)移(民)出
Typically (adv)一貫地.一向地,通常
Typically, Mary stays up late.
Attend school上學
Minimum 最少(n)
瞳孔 /學徒,弟子
…time limit, and within the limit/it you must…
1. beyond the limit 過度/超過限制
2. speed limit 速限
3. age limit年齡限制
4. The sky is the limit (無限) when it comes to learning from helping others.