501 All in One L9--L12 解答 (2013-06-16更新)



1. C           2. D            3. B           4. A
1.  effective                             2.  efficient
3.  downpour                           4.  Downloading
5.  downstairs                          6.  age
7.  period                                  8.  era/epoch
9.  retreated                           10. advance
Part 1: 隨堂測驗
1.  superficial                           2.  portable
3.  widespread                         4.  access
5.  gradually                            6.  phenomena
7.  multiple                               8.  debated
9.  halfway                            10. maximum
1.  intensity                              2.  efficiency
3.  incomes                              4.  Entertained
5.  concentration
1.  colder, than, ever
2.  absorbed, in, footsteps
3.  thought, through, made
4.  divided, into
1.  Robert sat rooted to his seat, tears rolling down his cheeks.
2.  Tracy stood at the window, the sun shining upon her face.
3.  Adam watched his girlfriend walk away, his heart broken at the thought of losing her.
1.  There is no denying that cars and trucks create a lot of pollution in the city.
2.  It has been raining for weeks, and there is no telling when it will stop raining.
3.  As Alan didn’t mention, there is no knowing how much he lost on his investments.
1.  You should make good use of your time and study
2.  she hasn’t given me the time of day
3.  strike a balance between his/her studies and extracurricular activities
4.  With its help, life is more comfortable and convenient.
5.  As a result/So, we had better make wise use of it/use it wisely.
1. A            2. C            3. B           4. C             5. A
6. D           7. B            8. C           9. B           10. D
Comprehension Check
1. A            2. A            3. C           4. D
Essay Questions
1.  Among multitasking activities, intexticating, which means texting the message while driving, is the one I hate (the) most because it is too dangerous.  It not only puts the driver in great danger but also could hurt others, perhaps even take people’s lives.
2.  In my opinion, the advance of technology is responsible for multitasking.  For example, communications technology has changed the way people stay in touch.  People can make phone calls when they are driving or exercising.  The invention of wireless laptops also allows people to do their business while dining out.

Part 2: 瞄準大考
1. B   句譯:「茱莉想要買一台可攜式電腦,這樣當她旅行時就可以帶著它到處走。」(A)難忘的;(B)可攜帶的;(C)可預測的;(D)可閱讀的
2. D   句譯:「既然我的電腦連接了網路,我就可以瀏覽電子報、收發電子郵件,並且下載軟體。」(A)使難過;(B)過度索費;(C)著手做;(D)下載
3. A   句譯:所有新生都有一分鐘可以簡短地向全班介紹自己。(A)簡短地;(B)著名地;(C)逐漸地;(D)明顯地
4. B   句譯:大部分的地震都太小了而無法被察覺到,只能被靈敏的儀器偵測到。(A)手動的;(B)靈敏的;(C)可攜帶的;(D)占優勢的
Part 3: 寫作練習
1.  She would like to buy an MP3 player.
2.  It costs (her) NT$3,000.
3.  She carries the MP3 player with her.
4.  She is listening to music while (she is) studying.
5. She didn’t do well on the exam/failed the exam.
6.  She feels like crying.

Nowadays, many teenagers want to have an MP3 player, and Alice is no exception.  Last month, she spent NT$3,000 buying an MP3 player.  Wherever she went, she carried it with her, and what was worse, she formed the habit of listening to music while (she was) studying.  She felt it was fun and helpful to her.  However, she forgot most of what she had read during the exam and did poorly on it.  Seeing her bad grade, her father was very angry.  Then, she found listening to music actually distracted her from studying and wasted her time.  In order to better manage her time, she decided to put away her MP3 player for a while and not to listen to it until her school performance improved.

1. C           2. B            3. A            4. D
1.  childish                                2.  mature
3.  matrimony                         4.  marriage
5.  wedding                              6.  admire
7.  despised                              8.  pronoun
9.  profile                                10. progress
Part 1: 隨堂測驗
1.  scientific                             2.  despise
3.  background                        4.  claimed
5.  mature                                6.  ensure
7.  insisted                                8.  survey
9.  Delete                                10. guarantees
1.  ignorant                              2.  finances
3.  requirements                      4.  recommendation
5.  suited
1.  fill, out
2.  on, basis, of
3.  official, accounted, for
4.  took, it, upon, herself
1.  The old man locked all the art treasures in the safe for fear that they might/would be stolen.
2.  A security guard patrolled the community for fear that a burglar might/would break into the area.
3.  The robber changed hotels every night for fear that the police might/would catch him.
1.  Miss Lin ordered that the/her students clean the classroom before they ate/eating lunch.
2.  Mr. Wang insists that his daughter always carry her cell phone for safety.
3.  The doctor suggests that everyone eat five servings of fruits and vegetables every day.
1.  was unable to translate his plans into action
2.  not to set your sights too high
3.  they may give rise to lung cancer
4.  If you tie the knot too hurriedly, you may regret it for a long time.
5.  Though he had done his best, he was sad to find he couldn’t meet his parents’ standards.
1. D           2. B            3. C           4. A             5. B
6. D           7. A            8. C           9. D           10. B
Comprehension Check
1. D           2. B            3. A            4. A
Essay Questions
1.  There are several reasons for divorce.  Of them, one is cheating, which causes the loss of mutual trust, and another is arguing among family members over issues like the education and behavior of children.
pros:   We can know people from all walks of life.
cons:   It is hard to fully know what the person you meet on the Net is.
Part 2: 瞄準大考
1. B   句譯:根據最近的研究,十二歲以下的孩童通常還不夠成熟,無法辨識風險以及處理危險的情況。」(A)勤勉的;(B)成熟的;(C)熟悉的;(D) 誠懇的。
2. D   句譯:「林老師十分認可美玲的學術能力,為她在申請大學時大力推薦。」(A)使確定;(B)促銷;(C)估計;(D)推薦。
3. C   句譯:「雖然傑克搬出父母的家,但他在財務上仍然依賴他們。他們每個月寄支票提供他生活費。」(A)激進地;(B)生理上;(C)財務上;(D)政治上。
4. C   句譯:共有4,017份問卷由回答者適當地填寫。」(A)欺騙、攝取;(B)發出(光、聲音等);(C)填(表格);(D)找碴。
  慣用語相關:fill out為本課所列的慣用語。
Part 3: 寫作練習
1.  She broke up with her boyfriend, Peter.
2.  She is trying to comfort Tina.
3.  They are going to the movies.
4.  No, she still feels sad.
5.  She is thinking of a boy.
6.  She is talking to the boy (Tracy introduces).
Last week, one of Tracy’s best friends, Tina, wept sorrowfully after breaking up with her boyfriend, Peter, whom she had dated for one year.  To cheer her up, Tracy even brought her to see a new movie.  However, Tina didn’t seem to feel comforted, but kept crying at school and at home.  Suddenly, it occurred to Tracy that perhaps she could introduce Tina to one of the best high school seniors she had ever known.  Then, she arranged a date for them to meet each other, and the plan worked very well.  Now, they have become very good companions, and they often do things or go to the library together.  Tracy feels it is quite a wonderful experience to be a matchmaker.

1. B           2. C            3. A            4. D
1.  former                                 2.  Prior
3.  previous                              4.  changeable
5.  invariable                           6.  under/beneath
7.  below/beneath                   8.  attached
9.  unite                                  10. connected
Part 1: 隨堂測驗
1.  conversed                           2.  limitations
3.  approximately                   4.  invariably
5.  diploma                              6.  procedure
7.  regulations                          8.  dread
9.  hospitalized                      10. detached
1.  manage                               2.  disabilities
3.  assist                                    4.  reluctance
5.  previous
1.  because, of
2.  turn, down
3.  come, upon, with
4.  in, the, eyes, of

1.  should have cleaned
2.  could have burned
3.  should have taken
1.  To my regret, the man passed away at a young age.
2.  To Steven’s delight, the girl he liked would show up at the party.
3.  To Alice’s disappointment, her results of the exam were not as good as she had expected.
1.  Stop yelling and cursing at the top of you lungs
2.  Parents have to drive home to their children
3.  My brother didn’t want to be dependent on our parents forever
4.  So I am really looking forward to the weekend.
5.  Perhaps, I can (either) spend my vacation or visit scenic spots in the countryside.
1. C           2. B            3. A            4. D             5. C
6. D           7. B            8. A            9. C           10. B
Comprehension Check
1. C           2. A            3. B           4. B
Essay Questions
1.  Helen Keller was stricken blind and deaf by a mysterious illness when she was 19 months old.  However, under the instruction of her teacher, Ann Sullivan, Helen graduated with honors from Radcliffe College.  She was devoted to promoting the education and the social welfare of disabled people through her inspiring writings and enlightening speeches.
2.  I think eyesight is the most useful.  With it, I could see what I am interested in and learn what attracts me.  Besides, from Helen Keller’s wish, I understand that eyesight is more useful than the other senses.
Part 2: 瞄準大考
1. C   句譯:「菜單可以告知顧客餐廳所提供的菜色種類與價格。」(A)吸引;(B)傳達;(C)通知;(D)要求。
2. D   句譯:「人的能力有,不該讓自己太累。」(A)放鬆;(B)貢獻;(C)猶豫;(D)限制。
3. A   (A)導致;(B)找出;(C)……方面很成功;(D)同意。
4. B   (A)……之前;(B)因為;(C)儘管;(D)更別提。
難字解析 steel 鋼鐵。
  慣用語相關:2題答案because of為本課所列的慣用語。
Part 3: 寫作練習
Everybody needs help sometimes.  Not everything always runs smoothly in our life; it so happens that we may need help to overcome our difficulties.  Therefore, we should also be ready to offer help whenever possible; in return, we may get help ourselves when we are in trouble.  More importantly, we can sometimes gain pleasure from helping others. 
I had an experience of helping others.  The other day, I saw an old lady standing at an intersection.  The traffic was very busy, and cars were speeding past her, scaring her nearly to death.  I noticed her situation, walked over to her, and helped her cross the street.  She gave me a hearty smile in return.  Though I was late for school, I still felt what I did was worthwhile.


1. B           2. C            3. A            4. D
1.  illustrations                         2.  sketches
3.  painting                               4.  endeavoring
5.  attempted/tried                 6.  strives/tries
7.  discouraged                        8.  encourage
9.  inform                               10. acquaint
Part 1: 隨堂測驗
1.  reputation                           2.  dismissed
3.  phase                                   4.  director
5.  eventually                          6.  overwhelmed
7.  gowns                                  8.  converted
9.  freshmen                          10. realize
1.  persevere                            2.  patient
3.  acquaintance                     4.  reservation
5.  dedicated
1.  caught, attention, by
2.  show, off, perfection
3.  emphasis, on, as
4.  worked, way, up
1.  Had he worked hard enough, he could have passed the final exam.
2.  Were I her parent, I might warn her not to stay out too late.
3.  Had the scientists done the experiment correctly, they would have seen the accurate results.
1.  If it had not been for your financial support, I could have starved to death.
2.  If it were not for your encouragement, I would not have enough confidence in myself.
3.  If it had not been for the brave firefighter, the old man might have been killed in the fire last night.
1.  you will be able to solve the problem
2.  so that the productivity will increase
3.  you can send out messages as well as receiving messages
4.  It is believed that regular exercise and a balanced diet contribute to good health.
5.  Extensively reading English books not only enlarges your vocabulary but also broadens your horizons.
1. C           2. A            3. B           4. D             5. A
6. D           7. B            8. C           9. D           10. B
Comprehension Check
1. C           2. A            3. C           4. D
Essay Questions
1.  Johan Ku古又文, a Taiwanese fashion designer, came from a humble family.  After his father’s death, he was raised by his mother, who worked as a street cleaner.  At fifteen, he chose to study advertisement design, which he regarded as a turning point.  After many years of hard work in 2009, he finally won a major international design competition in New York.
2.  For example, at only 21, the professional golfer Yani Tseng won three major career championships, making her the youngest female player to achieve this.
Part 2: 瞄準大考
1. C   句譯:「有關博物館行為的研究顯示,一般參觀者花大約四秒觀看一個物品。對年紀小的參觀者來說,時間長度可能甚至更短。」
2. B   (A)有效率地;(B)最後;(C)幸運地;(D)永遠地
難字解析 monotony 單調;fatigue 疲倦。
3. E    句譯:「主要的表演者通常是整團的領導人。」
4. J     句譯:「一旁輔助的表演者操弄布偶,與主要的表演者合作。」
難字解析in charge of 負責;narrate 敘事;costume 戲服;takes care of 照料。
Part 3: 寫作練習
1.  He is watching a TV (sports) program.
2.  He is dreaming of becoming a swimming champion.
3.  He looks short and slim.
4.  He swims too slowly.
5. He practices after school.
6. He swims 3,000 meters.
Jeff is fond of sports, and he often watches sports programs on TV, especially swimming.  In fact, he has dreamed of becoming a swimming champion since he was young.  However, he is short and slim.  Besides, he swims so slowly that he is often laughed at for his impractical dream.  Despite these discouragements, he sticks to his dream and practices harder than anyone else.  He often practices after school and swims at least 3,000 meters a time.  What’s more, he follows the coach’s instructions to the letter and learns from famous swimmers by watching videos.  With determination and hard work, he has gradually reached his goal and won a lot of awards.  At last, he has even attended several international contests on behalf of the country.