2015-12-02 603, 607 4500總複習檢討筆記

 2015-12-02 603, 607  4500總複習 檢討筆記

Acquaintance 熟識之人
She has the flush in the cheeks
Boil the water
Boiled water 開水
Produce (v)生產

Acquire knowledge
1.         class 607 consists of
43 students.
2.         insist on 堅持
3.         persist in 持續
4.         resist the food(v抗拒)
5.         assist Mary to finish the task
They resemble each other.
Assemble (v)組裝
Disciple (n) 門徒 弟子
Greif (n)悲傷
My house is insured against fire.
I assure you that he’ll come.
1.The prompt action 迅速的動作
2.the technology prompts(v促使) the
Rapid development in this country.
Bold大膽的 bolt 門閂
Be apt to VR
Be inclined to VR 容易去做某事
The rhyming word 押韻的字
Perspiration =>流血流汗è努力
Feat (n)功績  defeat (v)打敗
Diplomat 外交官
Diplomatic service
Infectious (a)傳染的
Contagious (a)接觸感染的
Tackle=handle=deal with處理
Mary is red with fury.
Shun shunned shunned
Dodgeball  躲避球
New year resolution (n)決心
Revolution 革命
Resolve the problem (v解決問題)
Dissolve (v)溶解
1.         statue of Liberty
2.         statute (n)法令
3.         She is small in stature.身形
Sanctuary 保護區庇護所

Superstitious (a迷信的)
1.S have no choice but to VR
2.S cannot help but VR
3.S cannot help ving
Alternative (n)另一個選項
Sandal (n)涼鞋
We salute the flag every morning.
Breathe (v)呼吸
Glare at sb怒視sb
Chatter=chirp= 啁啾(v)
Democracy (n)民主
Court 法院
Oval (a)橢圓形的
Triangular (a)三角形的
Squared (a)正方形的
Is good at=is versed in 擅長
Prescription 處方簽
Resignation (n)辭職



賀! Laura 老師得獎囉~英文學科中心104年度優良教學微影片徵選獲選名單




特優------衛理英語每週一句:English Calendar Phrase Brightens Our Day(臺北市私立衛理女子高級中學 施文豐老師) 

特優------ iPad + Tedict練聽力—以Amy Purdy 演說為例(臺北市立中崙高級中學 黎曉萱老師 )

優選------合作學習的課堂風景(桃園市立平鎮高級中學 鄭惠心老師) 

優選------互動式英語教學:每日一句新聞英文Daily Journalistic English Task-based Interactive Learning Activity(臺北市私立文德女子高級中學 王麗絹老師)

佳作------Youth Changing the World——志工體驗(臺南市立永仁高級中學 蔡孟芬老師)

佳作------大學學科能力測驗英文作文工作坊:寫作吧!以臺中市立長億高中高二學生為例(臺中市立長億高級中學 林佳蓉老師)


劉媛媛 寒門貴子

603 週記心得觀賞短片

1. 20140711 超级演说家2  劉媛媛 寒門貴子  总决赛

2. 20140620 超级演说家2  劉媛媛  北大才女吐露心声 唤醒90后的社会责任



1.              再多點而努力,再加把勁兒!
2.              大聲喊出
3.              情勢加劇
4.              保持健康
5.              使某人某物達到極限
6.              害怕
7.              報名
8.              一開始
9.              不久之後
10.           成功進展到某個狀態


603//607 love English best!

October basetuGa  講解

October  SeTyDeBu 朗讀


503 L9 sentence patterns practice

503  L9 sentence patterns practice

2.     The superstar showed up from behind the curtain.
Her fans were moved to tears.
èThe superstar showed up from behind the curtain, her fans moved to tears.
3.     Michelle talked about her miserable experience.
Tears rolled down her cheeks.
èMichelle talked about her miserable experience, tears rolling down her cheeks.
4.     The Titanic turned sideways and began to sink.
Passengers fell and jumped into the water.
èThe Titanic turned sideways and began to sink, passengers falling and jumping into the water.
5.     The waitress tripped over a customer’s foot.
The plates fell and broke into pieces.
èThe waitress tripped over a customer’s foot, the plates falling and breaking into pieces.
Practice B
Read the following story. Complete the sentences by using Patter I and the words in parentheses.

One peaceful afternoon in a small town, a middle-aged man walked into a bank. He looked quite nervous, 1his hands searching his pockets for something (hands/search his pockets for something). One of the tellers noticed him approaching and asked, “How can I help you, sir?” Suddenly 2a gun held tightly in his hand (a gun/hold tightly/in his hand), he stood right in front of her. “Stay...stay where you are! Gi...gimme all the money you have!” shouted the man. All the others in the bank were scared to death, 3their feet rooted to the floor (feet/root to the floor). But the teller managed to stay calm and said to the man, “Okay, I’ll do as you say. But I’ll need you to come and help me with the money.”
Desperate, the man jumped over the counter as she told him this, 4his gun dropping to the floor (gun/drop to the floor).
As he rushed to pick up the gun, the teller pressed the alarm bell. In a minute, the police came and arrested him, 5no harm done (no harm/do).

2. Even though they came in first last year, it is impossible to know whether they will win again this year.
èEven though they came in first last year, there is no knowing whether they will win again this year.
3. It is impossible to deny that human activities are the main cause of global warming.
èThere is no denying that human activities are the main cause of global warming.
4. It is impossible to predict how the matter will end.
èThere is no predicting how the matter will end.
5. All the evidence is against him. It is impossible to deny that he is guilty.
èAll the evidence is against him. There is no denying that he is guilty.


503 課堂筆記 20150320

Where   關係副詞
How    完整子句
Why  +S+V+O

Which 關係代名詞
Whom + 不完整子句

This is the house [where I live now].
            in which 介係詞+關代
This is the house, and I live in the house.
This is the house, and I live in it.
This is the house which I live in.
The beautiful scenes which the films take you to.
In fact=actually
Be aware of
Be conscious of
Become aware of 變的注意到的
A world that is filled with
      Which is filled with
       That is full of
       Which is full of
Because we live in a world
that is filled…
We had better VR
1.                  Mary remains in London
2.                  Mary remains young
3.                  Mary remains my friend.
Be alert to N
Mary is familiar with ㄟ夢
ㄟ夢 is familiar to Mary.
1.                  customer 顧客
2.                  consumer消費者
3.                  consume 消費(v)
4.                  custom 風俗習慣
5.                  customs 海關
due to=owing to=because of由於+N
deal with=cope with=handle=

tackle (v)

1. The king is a ruthless man.殘酷的無情地
2. legacy (n)留給後人的東西,遺產
3.the impoverished neighborhood.貧窮的
4.the actress’s debut首次登台           spare
5.多餘的硬幣s..e coins
6.手足 sibling
7. The wooden panel on the wall (n) 嵌版 面板
8.the pant’s reproductive system is made up of beautiful flowers.繁殖的
9. the intended target
10. 功績feat
13.the memory is embedded in my mind.
14. 折衷妥協c…e(n)


503 feb雜誌解答


    voc 1-5 BDAAC  6-10 CBDCA  11-15 ADCCA
   16. If you live your life to the fullest, you won’t

feel regret when you die.
    17.If you want to make your hair shiny, this
shampoo will do the trick.
18. The exploration team was made up of one
doctor and six scientists.

voc 1-5 ADDCB  6. (G)  7. (D)  8. (A)   9. (C) 10. (F)   11. (B)   12. (E) 
13-15  BAC   
16.Modern people are blessed with many cutting-edge technologies that enable them to live more comfortable lives.

17.I couldn’t even finish my own food, let alone
18.I am fed up with my mom always getting on
my case about finding someone to marry.

voc 1-5  ADABC  6-10 BADCA  11-15 CDDAC
16.     You should keep an eye on Terry. I found out
that he cheats on tests from time to time.

17.      Billed as the oldest in England, the castle
attracts numerous tourists every day.

18.  If you study in foreign countries, you may come into contact with many new ideas.