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Differentiate (v)
Heavy metal
The workers go on strike(n)()罷工 today.
They are striking for higher wages=salary.
Though the musician was deaf in ….,
Indeed (adv)的確地
Gratitude (n)感激
Express (v)
It’s my treat (n)我請客
Treat (v)請客
The building is impressing.讓人印象深刻
When the squirrel saw people nearby(adv),
Hide hid hidden 躲藏
International chain store
Trunk 樹幹
Bough 大樹枝
Recognize (v)辨認/辨識
Luxury 豪華奢華(n)
Buy Mary a car
Buy me a doll
Sunscreen 防曬乳
Get tan 曬黑
Lie lay lain 
Sponge cake海綿蛋糕
Explanation 解釋
Draw drew drawn
By ving  藉由ving
Through N  透過N
With N  /N
Refuse (v) 拒絕
Illustrator 插畫家
Students grants 助學金
Congratulate sb. On sth.
On the fact that he was awarded a large
We welcome that you visit here.
èWe welcome your visiting here.
Under the tree stands the girl.
The girl stands beside the car.
Beside the car stands the girl.

1.                              initial(a)最初的
2.                              official(a)官方的
3.                              take the place of代替
4.                              supernatural超自然的
5.                              categorize(v)種類
6.                              patrol(n)巡邏
7.                              annual(a)每年的
8.                              Jewish猶太人
9.                              entertainment娛樂
10.                          illusion 幻覺
11.                          slaughter 屠殺
12.                          organize 組織
13.                          origin 起源(n)
14.                          electric 電的
15.                          glimmer 微微發光
16.                          symbol 象徵
17.                          persecution 迫害
18.                          concentration camp集中營
19.                          celebrity名人
20.                          meditate 冥想
21.                          unfortunately不幸地
22.                          profound 深刻的
23.                          trigger 誘發
24.                          molecule 分子
25.                          detect(v)偵查
1.                                          地方副詞放句首,主詞動詞倒裝Under the tree stands a girl.
2.                                          prefer VR rather than
I prefer stay home rather than go outside.寧願
If this cat could talk, it would be my best friend.
If I were rich, I would give you all my property.
3.                                          Despite the fact that s+V
In spite of the fact that S+V
4.                                          Although she is heart-broken, she keeps smiling.
èHeart-broken as she is, she keep smiling.
5.S not only…but S also….
6. ,including N
   , inclusive of N
7. would rather VR  than VR
Would VR rather than VR
I would rather stay home than go out.
8. Instead of ving…., S+V
In stead of being upset, Mary tries again.
9.Without a doubt,=Undoubtedly,=
There is no doubt that S+V
To whom will be concerned,
Dear Mary,   2012,….

I’d like to ask you if you could do me a favor.

I really appreciate your help.
Thank you very much!

Sincerely (yours),
Best regards,
Best wishes,