1. subtle 2. exaggeration 3. unconsciously 4. skip 5. objective 6. scholars 7. shifting 8. laundry 9. estimates 10. switched 11. powder 12. vision 13. illegal 14. deceived 15. sponsorship /sponsored 46.We all/All of us accept the theory that appearances can be deceptive sometimes. 47.But/However, we are still likely to form a positive/good impression of good-looking people/ the good-looking subconsciously/unconsciously / without consciousness. 48.Under the influence of (the) advertisements, we become/get familiar with certain/some products. *a certain=some+單數名詞 (某一) 49.There is/There can be a great possibility (that) we will/may reject/refuse other brands/ brand-names in favor of these products. Be full of=be filled with (a) Fill filled filled Fulfill (v) fulfilled / fulfilled Had been hiding To have been hiding Mary is reported to have eaten the box. 瑪俐被報導已吃完了這個盒子 I am wondering if you could do me a favor. Being concerned about I am concerned about you. 我關心妳 To be concerned about ….. Be aware of Be conscious of Be alert to N/v-ing 察覺… 呼籲徵募/招兵買馬 S aim to VR The volleyball game aims to make students healthy and strong.Mild

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