2011-12=-6 502

I need one more copy pls.
I have extra copies here.
Xerox (v)
I need to xerox this material.
I need to make some copies of this material.
Ceremony 典禮
She telegrammed the couple her blessing.祝福
Break down故障
Ape 人猿
You will replace Jolin.你將替代久令
Replace A with(用) B
Substitute(v替代) B for(為了) A
èWe replace bananas with apples.
èWe substitute apples for bananas.
Hey guys 男女通用
Hey dude! 夥伴們~
You gang(s) 黨
Jolin is famous for her hard working.
èShe is celebrated for her hard working. (be well-known for)
She is notorious for her laziness.
Mary grows up overnight.
People usually pursue fame and wealth.追求名跟利
Friend (n)朋友
. However,
We plan to have an overnight journey. 過夜的
Dedicate oneself to N/v-ing
Lead to=bring about
Turn down=reject=refuse斷然拒絕
Being creative and highly de..
Because he was very creative and …
1. 刪去相同主詞
2. 刪去連接詞
3. 動詞 有行為能力改成ving

2011-12-06 603

19.The epicenter of the 6.9 magnitude quake was in Sikkim, a state in India, where 18 people were initially confirmed dead.
èThe epicenter of the 6.9 magnitude quake was in Sikkim, where 18 people, were initially confirmed dead, a state in India.
è18 people were initially confirmed dead in Sikkim, a state in India, where the epicenter of the 6.9 magnitude quake happened.
There are as …..as there are…
20.There are as many ways to celebrate the New Year as there are different cultures.
èThere are as different cultures as there are many ways to celebrate/of celebrating the New Year.
If the erasers were pigs, I would kill them.
Universe 宇宙
Necessity (n)生活必需品/需求
Blank=empty 空白的
I just go/went blank/empty腦筋一片空白
People who
He /they/one/those who凡是+V
S substitute A for B
為了 B
S replace B with (用)A
A good coach has to know when to replace a player who has been playing too long with one who has been resting on the bench.
Classical music 古典音樂
You have classic jokes經典的.
Economically (adv)經濟方面地
Economic (a)經濟的
Economical (a)節省的
Standardization 標準化
Civil文明的è civilize (v)使文明
Darwin’s theory of evolution says that human beings originated from(源自於) lower animals.
Welcome to attend graduation ceremony.畢業典禮
Wedding ceremony結婚典禮
Metal 金屬
Mental 心智的
Moral 道德的
Mortal 會死的
Immortality (n)不朽
Be notorious for
Democratic (a)民主的
Dominate (v)掌控
Domestic (a) 國內的