503 2011-06-3

Some …others…others…不限定組別
One…the other只有兩組
One..another…the other
One …another..another..the other
Some…. The others只有2組
Some…others..the others still others
Some…others…others…still others
The others
Go out to have dinner
I respond to the question that “indeed he would.是的他需要飲料”
, and I respond to it that….
, which I respond to
, to which I respond
Race (n) 比賽/種族
People 民族 democracy民主
Ethnic background種族文化背景
Jan duval
Peter Huang
Melting pot大熔爐
Racial discrimination 種族(的)歧視
Study for 攻讀
The orderly who is wheeling me
Wheels me
Wheeled me
Wheel chair輪椅
It’s got to
It has got to have become pretty clear
已經應該 變得
Reject/refuse/turn down斷然拒絕
Decline (v)婉轉拒絕
Even if/though即使 S+V
Bachelor degree大學學位
Master degree 碩士學位
Most important of all, S+V
Most toughest
The toughest of all, s+v
I am looking forward to your visiting us.
I met Mary that day.
On that day people had a day off.

I met Mary that day, and on it people had a day off.
I met Mary the day on which people had a day off.
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