502 L2 解答

Behind the Wardrobe: Where the Faun Meets the Daughter of Eve


1.     should stay away from       2.      On my grandfather’s birthday
3.     leads to                    4.       what they call Latte
5.     will be delighted/pleased to   6.      We arrived home in time
7.     no doubt tell the boss everything    8.  is round the corner


1.    (a)    Mary had come to, would have enjoyed herself
(b)   If I had arrived home in time yesterday, I could have watched my favorite program.
2.    (a)    as if he were lying to me
    (b)    Paul orders people in the office around as if he were the boss.
3.    (a)    If only I had won
(b)   If only I were as rich as Bill Gates.
4.    (a)    has never spoken in public before
(b)   Jim has never complained about his job before.
5.    (a)    That is to say, you have to stay home.
(b)   Susan is not good at English.  That is to say, she has a hard time learning it.
6.    (a)    The hotels lie along the river.
(b)   My apartment lies between a post office and a supermarket.
7.    (a)    ought to get along well with
(b)   We ought to do something for those who love us.
8.    (a)    found his dictionary missing
    (b)    Students found the test difficult.


I.   1-5  DBCAC   6-10  DBABD   11-15  CBADC
1.     ought, to, arrive              2.     what, they, call, dictionary
3.     round, the, corner            4.     convenience, store, lies, between, and
5.     If, only, knew
1.     We found him in the living room.
2.     If the accident had not happened,
Ken’s dancing career would not have ended when he was thirty.
3.     That is to say, she doesn’t get along well with them.
4.     she looks as if she didn’t care
5.     If only I knew how to help Jessica.
6.     he felt pain all over as if his whole body was burning with fire
7.     if he had been more careful, he might/would not have been so seriously injured
8.     “If only the accident had never happened”