2012-02-01 507

1. 因為
2. 自從(主要子句會有現在完成式/現在完成進行式)
Eg. [She has been working on (在做) her project] since last month.
Since last month, [She has been working on (在做) her project]
補充:I am still working on it.
1.Put sth aside 把…..放一邊
2.put the toys away 把玩具收起來
Legal (a)合法的
Major (a)主要的 (n)主修
Majority (n)大多數(的人)
Minor (n)輔系/修
Mayor (n)市長
Do you know what time it is?
What time is it?
I have trouble v-ing
I have difficulty v-ing 有困難做某事
I have a hard time v-ing
Hardware (n)硬體
1. 瑪莉有麻煩了
Mary is in trouble.
2. 馬力惹上麻煩了
Mary gets herself into trouble
3. 瑪莉避開麻煩(keep out of trouble)
Mary keeps/stay out of trouble.
4. 瑪莉混水摸魚 (troubled waters水域)
Mary fishes in troubled waters.
Necessity (n) 生活必需品
Necessary (a) 必要的
Necessarily (adv)必要地
武裝的 armed
Witness (n)證人 (v)見證
S,x,ch,sh,o +es
Virgo 處女座
Rush Upstairs (adv)上樓地
Violet 紫羅蘭
Violent (a) 暴力的
Violence (n)暴力
Violin (n)小提琴
1. 瑪莉催促海倫完成計畫案
Mary rushed Helen into finishing the project. (rush sb into ving)

1.瑪俐很匆忙Mary is in a rush.
Why you are in a rush?
2. 尖峰時刻 rush hour
3. 掏金潮 gold rush
Punch (v) 打卡/洞
Be on time準時的
1. Mary is as punctual as the clock.
2. punctuation (n) 標點符號
pace 速度/步伐
Because he didn’t want to go to school, Max …
1. the pace of life 生活步伐
2. 以你自己的步調做事
You can do things at your own pace
3. 我跟馬利齊頭並進
I keep pace with Mary.
I value 小彈above Garrrrrry Wu
沒有價值 it is of little value
很有價值 it is of great value
This museum is worth your visiting.
This museum is worthy of your visiting.
Your visiting the museum is worthwhile.值得的
課本:might not be worthy of much money…
Information that is provided in this..
1. what is your family value? 家庭價值觀
2. moral value道德觀
mortal 會死的
mortality 死亡
immortal 不朽的
immortality 不朽
moral 道德的
morality 道德
formal 正式的
normal 正常的
1. 視為(v) perceive
2. 不同(v) differ
3. 同事(n) colleague
4. 新生訓練
5. 針對運動的
sports- oriented_
6. 預定的scheduled
7. 部分 segment
8. 明確地specifically 9. 強調的emphatic
10. 滑的slippery
11. 典型的typical
12. 小紙條slip
13. 無限制的unlimited
14. 次要的minor
15. pupil(n)學生
16. wind(v)蜿蜒
17. eel 鰻魚18.claim宣稱
20.apply to應用.申請

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