2012-01-31 502

Mary differs from John.
Cats differ from dogs.
Deal with N
Cope with N 處理 N
Handle N
1. Can you tell the difference辨別差異 between the twin sisters?
2. It makes a big difference.有影響
3. It doesn’t make difference.沒影響
以家庭為導向的 family-oriented
以年輕人導向的 youth-oriented
Apply to the university for admission
跟/向學校申請 (為了)入學許可
Twenty-seventh 27th
Put/lay emphasis on
Put/lay focus on N 強調N
Put/lay stress on
Lay laid laid 下蛋放置
Put put put
Analysis (n)分析
Analyze (v)分析
Lose lost lost (v)丟掉/輸掉
Loose (a)鬆的
As…..as possible
As….as you can
Owing to=because of=As a result of=
Due to N 由於 N
Hold held held (v)
Hold on! Hold on a second!
Hold on a sec.
行程表 (n)
They finish the project on schedule.
 They finish the project ahead of schedule.
 They finish the project behind schedule.
you have a tight schedule.
Be Filled with=be full of 充滿
Tangerine 橘子segments 水果的瓣
Orange 柳丁 segments
Luggage (U)行李
Mary unpacked the suitcase. 開封/箱
A pack of cigarettes 一包香菸
A pack of cards 一副紙牌
What Mary told me was a pack of lies.
You are not a liar. 說謊者
Lie lied lied 說謊
I had the wrong phone number.
Is Mary there?
Excuse me, can I talk to Mary?
Panel 小組會議/座談 /(太陽能)板
Students should manage to strike the balance between schoolwork and entertainment.
Leave a message
A slip of pen 筆誤
A slip of tonguetongue slip口誤
Roast eels烤鰻魚
Mary is as slippery as an eel.

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