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Wind wound wound (v)蜿蜒
Winds itself
Its way
In the past (n) 過去
In the past (a) 過去的years 幾年
1. 我只是路/經過
I just go past by.
2.pass (v) the test通過測試
1)The wind blows smoothly.
2)Mary has the wound on her leg.
I feel hot!
She is hot!她很正
It’s spicy!這很辣
Hot dog熱狗
It is typical of Mary to give others a hand.
2. 瑪莉一如往常準時到校
Typically, Mary goes to school
on time/punctually.
Punch (v)打卡/打洞
Attend school 上學
1. 瞳孔2.學徒學生
, and within the time limit/it you must …
I know the girl, and she is Mary’s friend.
I know the girl who is Mary’s friend.
1.Age limit 年齡限制
2.Speed limit 速限
3.The sky is the limit(沒有限制) when it comes to (當一題到) learning from books.
Since 1. 自從(主要子句會有現在完成式/現在完成進行式) 2.因為
I have been working on this project [since last year].
 Since last year, I have been working on this project.
Put the toys away. 把玩具收起來
Major (a) 主要的(n) 主修
Majority (n) 大部分(的人)
Do you know what time it is ? _
(a) it is (b) is it
What time is it?直接問句
1.I have a hard time ving
2.I have difficulty ving
3.I have trouble ving
1. Mary fishes in troubled waters(水域) 瑪麗混水摸魚
2. be in trouble
I am in trouble.我有麻煩了
3.Mary tries to keep out of trouble.
1.生活必需品 necessity
2.必須的 necessary
3.必須地 necessarily
There is no point ving

1. 同事colleague
2. 新生訓練orientation
3. 視為perceive
4. 強調的 emphatic
5. 部分segment
6. 明確地specifically
7. 強調(v)emphasize
8. 小紙片slip
9. 典型的typical
10. 有限的limited 11. 擔憂的troubled
12. 不必要的unnecessary
13. 生活必需品necessity
14. eel鰻魚
15. pupil 學生/瞳孔
16. wind (v)蜿蜒
17. a slip of the tongue口誤
18. tournament巡迴/錦標賽
19. claim(n)宣稱/聲明
20. 少數民族minority

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