2012-01-09 507

1. required
2. fascinated
3. named
4. way
5. tightly
6. production
7. passed
8. skipping 1. those
2. should, have,thought,
B type influenza
Throw up

1. asthma 氣喘
2. I have a toothache牙痛
3. I have a sore throat 痛喉嚨
4. I have a bloody nose 流血鼻
5. I have a stiff neck 硬頸子(肩頸僵硬)
6. I have bruise瘀青
7.(v) My heart is bleeding.
7. She has hiccup (n) all the time.他一直在打嗝
8. I twist my wrist 我扭傷我的手腕
9. I sprain my ankle 我扭傷我的腳踝
Achilles’ heel 弱點
Ans:1.dizzy 2.vomit 3.diarrhea
3. choked 5.itchy
illness=sickness 不舒服/疾病
exhale (v) 呼 inhale (v)吸
breath (n)呼吸   疹子rash
have a trouble ving
have difficulty ving 有困難做某事
have a hard time ving
=Thus,=Therefore, +S+V因此
Envy(v) sb for sth 羨慕某人某事
, and she wondered 她在想
, and she was wondering ….

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