2012-02-09 502

1. silence
2. overlooked
3. envies
4. evoked
5. Appropriate
6. choked
7. occupied
8. portrayed
9. alien
10. exquisite 11. breathtaking
12. resentment
13. imaginary
14. picturesque 15.visible
28.Upon seeing the hiker登山客,the deer鹿took fright(受到驚嚇)and disappeared(消失).
29.It was obvious that Ted felt very disappointed(失望的) at not getting the job.
47.The patient could have called for help by pushing the button.
The patient could have pushed the button to call for help.
48.But he strained to get out of bed and opened the window himself.

Notice(v)=be aware of sth
Though being aware of this, …
Whose=and the man’s
I have the same book as you do.
準 關係代名詞
準 大學生
As (it) was stated….,s+V
As was stated…..
As stated….
As it is described …,Mary is a descent girl.
As is described….,S+V
As described…, S+V
We acquire knowledge from books. 獲得
Loose (a)鬆的
Let’s loosen(v) the screw.
, inclusive of N
, including N
, and N be included
Keep it secret!保密
L1 1-5 DBCCA 6-8 DBA
1. Usually, the birth rate in developing countries is higher than that in developed countries.
2. Ted should have told the truth,
1. stuck to objects but could easily be lifted off
2. should have been super-strong but it turned out to be super-weak
3. found another use for the product
4. can be lifted off without damaging anything they stick to
If my erasers were pigs, I would kill them all.
If S ved/were .., S w/c/s/m VR
Had+pp Ved
If my erasers had been pigs yesterday, I would kill them, now.
Today/this year/this month
If S had+pp .., S w/c/s/m had have+pp
Jewelry (n)


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