2012-01-02 507

Consist in
Lie in
Optimistic (a)樂觀的
Pessimistic (a)悲觀的
Climax (n)高潮
2.It was unfortunate thatUnfortunately
3.Inevitbly,It was inevitable that
4.IronicallyIt was ironic that
5.It is clearClearly
6.Miraculously,It was miraculous that
I found Mary tall.
I found Mary beautiful.
I found the food delicious.
On finding=
Upon finding
The moment he found…
The minute he found..
The instant he found….

I.No sooner had S+pp than S+ved
(had+pp) (過去式ved)
No sooner had the man found the timing appropriate than he asked if he….
II.Hardly/Scarcely had S+pp when S+Ved
Hardly/Scarcely had the man found the timing appropriate when he asked if he….
Defense (n)防禦

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