503 feb雜誌解答


    voc 1-5 BDAAC  6-10 CBDCA  11-15 ADCCA
   16. If you live your life to the fullest, you won’t

feel regret when you die.
    17.If you want to make your hair shiny, this
shampoo will do the trick.
18. The exploration team was made up of one
doctor and six scientists.

voc 1-5 ADDCB  6. (G)  7. (D)  8. (A)   9. (C) 10. (F)   11. (B)   12. (E) 
13-15  BAC   
16.Modern people are blessed with many cutting-edge technologies that enable them to live more comfortable lives.

17.I couldn’t even finish my own food, let alone
18.I am fed up with my mom always getting on
my case about finding someone to marry.

voc 1-5  ADABC  6-10 BADCA  11-15 CDDAC
16.     You should keep an eye on Terry. I found out
that he cheats on tests from time to time.

17.      Billed as the oldest in England, the castle
attracts numerous tourists every day.

18.  If you study in foreign countries, you may come into contact with many new ideas.

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